American Bully Association

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American Bully Association SERVING ALL Bully Breeds

The American Bully Association ( ABA ) is an exclusive all bully and short haired molosser and mastiff breed registry focusing on the registration, genealogy tracking, education and responsible ownership of ALL bully, molosser and mastiff breeds around the world. Below is a list of breeds served along with a link to their breed standard and registration options. If a breed is not shown please let us know.

Serving All Bully Breeds Around The World

At the American Bully Association we have taken great effort in providing our members and the community with information and services unmatched by any registry in the world.


The American Bully in our name is a testament to ALL bully breeds around the world not just the breed that also goes by the name American Bully. We however do have an affinity for the American Bully as a newly developing breed and support the community with its registration and support services as well.


The bully breeds of America, Europe, the Middle and Far East have have had great influence both nationally and internationally on bully breeds of today. This can be seen in many of the breed standards we have included in the breed list provided.


At American Bully Association we recognize all short hair breeds that share any of the known molosser/mastiff lineage known to make up bully and associated breeds we know today.

Transparent, Honest and Fair

At the American Bully Association you will find that our goal is to be as transparent as possible in both defined and developing breeds. What you will not see that is commonplace with other registries is an ever-changing standard on defined breeds. We believe once a standard is solidified then it should remain true. We believe if a final defined standard cannot be trusted to be true from the beginning and is subject to change based on whim, bias or politics this shows that such registries also cannot be trusted to fairly represent their members or the breeds they profess to serve.


At the ABA we do not believe bias or politics should run the day or ruin a breed. We believe first and foremost the purpose of a registry was from the beginning and should be to the end to keep proper genealogical records. This helps establish a history on a breed, helps insure correct standards are met and allows for the proper development of pedigrees.

Serving Our Members

At the ABA we believe the secondary purpose of a registry is to serve its members. Because of this we are always looking for ways to improve the level of service we provide. We believe the self-serving nature of registries of the late 1900's is in the past and we embrace a future where we work with and for our members and the dog breeds we represent.


At the American Bully Association we recognize it is the membership that makes up and determines the success of a registry and it is the job of a registry to support and assist its members in finding success with their dog breed of choice, its accurate and progressive genealogical tracking and helping breeders grow in their development, breeding and marketing programs.

Best Bully Breed Registration Service

If you are looking for a registry that truly has your interest and the breed you serve at heart then the American Bully Association is the right registry for you. We encourage you to register your dogs with us and experience the difference of a registry that puts you first.

Why Register My American Bully Or Other molosser Breed With The American Bully Association

open and honest dog registryAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we are the first registry to be open, honest and transparent about the developing nature of the American Bully and other developing Molosser dog breeds.


breed trackingAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we are the first ever registry to track a developing breed's foundation breed stock so that American Bully and other developing breed owners can know and understand the influence other breeds are having in the development of their breed as an established pure breed of dog.


free pedigreeAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we provide up to a 7 generation pedigrees FREE with registration based on the information provided to us and what subsequent research is able to reveal.


pedigree discountsAt the American Bully Association ( ABA )not only do we provide FREE pedigrees we also provide discounts based on the pedigrees provided to us by you. The larger the pedigree you provide to us the larger the discount we provide to you.


no breed discriminationAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we do not discriminate based on prejudicial trivial issues such as cryptorchidism, spay/neuter status, etc.


bull social networkAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we are the only registry to offer a dedicated social network to the American Bully and other molosser / mastiff dog breeds.


advanced bully genealogiesAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we maintain the most advanced genealogy tracking system in the entire registration industry on the American Bully and other molosser / mastiff dog breeds.


largest printed pedigreesAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we maintain the largest printed pedigrees in the entire registration industry on the American Bully and other molosser / mastiff dog breeds.


fair dog registrationAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we believe in fair system of registration that does not single out specific individuals for favoritism in the registration process.


free dog advertisingAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we provide our members with FREE advertising assistance to assist in the sale of their puppies and FREE transfer of adult dogs.


bully breed mate locatorAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we maintain an active mate locater system that will help you find the appropriate mate for your dog breeding needs to better allow you to cater your breedings and insure proper genetic diversity in order to produce the healthiest puppies possible.


free bully breed kenel certificationAt the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we offer FREE Kennel Certification to breeding members who agree to our standards of conduct.


If you have a litter or a litter on the way that is due within 8 weeks please use the Litter Registration process described in your breeds profile listed below.


Registration with the American Bully Association ( ABA ) is easy. What is required is a submission form, front and side picture, payment, and any pedigree information that may be available.


At the American Bully Association we provide discounts based on the number of dogs being registered and the level of information provided.


Our basic individual dog registration fee is: 1 Dog - $35, 2 - $60, 3 - $75, 4 - $90, 5+ $100


Pedigree Discount Program

Our pedigree discount program offers a percentage back based on the level of pedigrees provided during the registration process of your dog. This discount is based on size and completeness. For example a 5 generation pedigree that is incomplete but complete at the 4th generation level will be discounted based on a 4th generation pedigree. Whenever submitting pedigrees one should always seek to provide as large a pedigree as possible even if incomplete as this allows us to use such information to further research and enhance your material.


Pedigree Discount Levels:

3 Complete generations – 10% Discount

4 Complete generations – 15% Discount

5+ Complete generations – 20% Discount


Discounts are applied at the end of the registration process and will be provided by way of refund either as a credit back to ones online payment or by check if payment was is made by mail.


Platinum Pedigrees

In addition to our advanced genealogy tracking services the American Bully Association ( ABA ) offers the largest printed pedigree of any registry in the world for Bully, molosser/mastiff breeds. The ABA Platinum Pedigree ranges from 8-11 generations. At 11 Generations this is up to 2,047 relationships all available on one single printed pedigree.


Not everyone qualifies for a Platinum Pedigree. In order to qualify at least 2/3 of the oldest generation must be available. Because only a few will meet this high standard qualifying for it means you will have one of the best tracked dogs in the world and thus be able to command the greatest prices for your stock at time of sale.


One of the primary factors that determine value in a breed is the level of pedigree it has. When members reach the Platinum Pedigree level this means their stock will be more prized by the general public and will garner them greater value when it comes to selling their offspring or studding their males. Getting the best prices for your offspring and studdings will also give you piece of mind that your offspring will be going to the highest quality homes and as such you can be more confident they will also be treated well.


If you are registering a purebred dog your submission is your testament to the breed you are indicating. If you are unsure of the breed your dog other than it is bully class it is your obligation to let us know. If unknown but clearly bully class it will be registered in the American Bully developing breed class.


If you are registering an American Bully please include if known the breed of the father and breed of the mother if available/known as well as that of any known earlier generations. If unknown please indicate unknown. This is not used as a disqualifier to registration but is an attempt to understand the long-term breed ratios that make up the American Bully as it continues to develop as a breed.

Kennel Certification

When one is considering breeding they should consider our Kennel Certification Program. Kennel Certification is FREE to American Bully Association ( ABA ) members. By being a Certified Kennel our breeding members are letting the public know that they take seriously their breeding program, by breeding in a way that proves they take seriously the well being of their choice breed and thus breeding in a manner that is intended to improve their breed over time. Certified Kennels also agree to the highest standard of care and treatment and to maintain a level of integrity and ethics that can give their customers a great sense of security when dealing with them.


Dual / Multi Registry Discount

Is your dog registered with another registry? If so the American Bully Association ( ABA ) offers a discount for registration with the ABA also. The normal price for single dog registration is $35. Those registered with other registries seeking dual registration with the American Bully Association ( ABA ) receive a 10% - 30% discount off of the standard registration proces. In order to qualify you must provide a copy of your official pedigree or registration certificate from the other registry. If a pedigree is available the largest one available NEEDS to be provided. The larger the pedigree you can provide the more we can research on your behalf and thus the more information we can provide back about your dog's Family lines and use to further enhance your dog's registration material. Also the larger the pedigree provided to us by you the larger the discount we apply. Disounts will be applied as a refund at the end of the registration process either as a credit to your online payment or as a check provided with your registration material if payment by mail is made to us.