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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog was developed in the late 1800's by Papa Buck Lane and Rebecca and William Chester of GA and Cecil Evans and Kenny Houston of Florida in an attempt to rescue the plantation dog of Southern GA that declined to the near point of extinction. Breeds that made up the plantation dogs were those such as the now extinct Mountain Bulldog, Old Southern White and Old Country Big Bulldog. A Deeper look into history would show influences by additional breeds such as the various Spanish Bulldogs such as the Alano EspaƱol, Greyhounds, Beauceron, various Danish hounds such as the Great Dane Indian curs and even deeper the now extinct Alunt, which is expected to make up the foundation stock of most Bully breeds in existence.


Some of the cause of the decline of the breed could be seen in part due to the societies trend to move more into cities.


Traditional of bully breeds during this time was effectiveness in working both as a hunting and guard dog, it was muscular and maintained the bully attribute of loyalty. Historically this breed has survived in small enclaves in the southern United States held in possession by those more interested in the working purpose of the breed than in being accepted by those more inclined to the show dog ring.


While Merle is often debased by many dog breed owners the expectation of the Merle trait is one that has helped set this breed apart.


While it is undeniable the cross-influence this breed and the American Pit Bull Terrier have had with each of their formalizations as a breed, they have each taken on their own unique paths in history with the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog taken on a larger structure of around 100lbs for males and 55-75lbs for females, whereas the traditional American Pit Bull Terrier by conformation should be capped out at around 70lbs for males and 55lbs for females.


Other breeds influenced by this breed include the Black Mouth Cur, Catahoula Leopard Dog and Catahoula Bulldog.


With the structure and qualities that the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog it additionally makes an excellent candidate for breeding in the emerging American Bully breed.



Males 70-100lbs
Females 55-75lbs



18-24 inches






Piebald (patched) preferred with any combination of colors including Merle