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Alp Mastiff (Cane Garouf) *Short Haired


The Alp Mastiff or sometimes referred to as the Cane Garouf or Patau is a very large, rare and ancient breed from the Italian Alps primarily of the Piemonte region near France nd north in Switzerland.


The Alp Mastiff comes with both short and long hair and is believed to be the primary ancestor of the Saint Bernard as well as other European Bully breeds. There are various theories about the development of the breed with some believing that it was derived from crossing Cane E Presa with mountain shepherds and others believing it to be descended from ancient Eastern mastiffs introduced by Romans.


*While the breed does come in both short and long haired varieties at the American Bully Association ( ABA ) we focus strictly on those bred to be short haired.


This large bully breed, as most bully breeds, is known for its working and guarding capacities.


Due to modernization and the movement toward cities this breed has fallen out of favor and is believed to have now possibly gone extinct for all practical purposes but does still likely exist in very small pockets of some remote working farms.


Due to its rare nature and lack of greater formal documentation little in the way of conformation can be derived.



Estimated 100-150lbs



27-31 inches



Primarily piebald (patched) but can also come in various shades of brindles, browns and reds