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Brazilian Bullmastiff

The Brazilian Bullmastiff or sometimes called Brazilian Bandogge is a recently developed breed developed by Mr. Rui Brossard with the crossing of the American Pit Bull Terrier at its base then adding in Fila Brasileiro , English Bullmastiff, and a small percentage of Tosa Inu. Later the Dogue de Bordeaux was also added to the mix.


This breed was developed to be very aggressive and for the purpose of guard work and has little tolerance of strangers. Alternatively it is highly loyal to its family companions out if its natural instinct for guarding.


Due to its developing nature the breed style lacks a uniform conformation. What is expected thus far in the development is that the ears remains uncropped and the nose should be black or red.


Because the breed shares much of the same history as other molosser breeds it is not a surprise that it bears a strong resemblance to the American Pit Bull Terrier. As such this breed can be considered a good candidate in the now developing American Bully breed.






23-28 inches






Black, Red, Fawn, any brindles or White predominant but any color is acceptable.