American Bully Association

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Bully Kutta / Pakistani Mastiff

The Bully Kutta or Pakistani Mastiff is yet another breed that is descended from the Alunt. Originating from the Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan for guard work. The word Bully is derived from the Punjabi or Urdu/Hindi word Bohli, which means heavily wrinkled, while the word Kutta means dog in South-Asian languages.


This large breed stands a tall 28-40 inches. For those interested in furthering the development of the American Bully breed this would be a good candidate if interested in larger production sizes.


Given the popularity of the breed in Pakistan and the recent influx of immigrants to the United States and Europe due to unrest in the middle east regions the breed will likely see an increase in popularity in areas of increased middle eastern immigration.


All colors are acceptable with short hair.