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Dabba Kutta

The Dabba Kutta is considered to be a type of Bully Kutta. This breed is most prevalent in the tribal and conflict ridden area of Kashmir, which is a point of constant dispute between India and Pakistan.


Resembling a huge Pit Bull of sorts this dog can easily exceed 100lbs. The name Dabba means box in the Urdu language in reference to the dogs large head size.


The Dabba Kutta comes in all colors with black, white and piebald the most common.


Because this breed has not yet been standardized due to its locality and tribal nature of the region it primarily exists in the standard can vary somewhat.


The breed is primarily developed from the Bully Kutta lines with influence additionally from other mastiff and dane breeds brought to the area during the British Raj time period.


While there are none yet recorded in America or Europe there presence can be expected at some near point in the future due to the level of middle eastern immigration resulting from regional conflicts. As this happens it will not be a surprise if certain American Bully breeders choose to add this breed to their lines in order to bring up the size of their specific large bred American Bully lines.