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Dogo Guatemalteco

The Dogo Guatemalteco or formerly known as the Guatemalan Bull Terrier by the untrained observer could easily be mistaken for the Dogo Argentino in that is characteristically all white and shares much of the same breed heritage with the additional claim of Dalmation included and minus some of the others listed in the Dogo. The primary breeds said to make up the Dogo Guatemalteco are the old type Bull Terrier, Boxer and Dalmation. Its exact lineage however is unknown beyond these reported influences.


Some key points to look for when comparing the two breeds against one another is that the Dogo Guatemalteco will tend to be slightly shorter and smaller and will often have more patching on its head particularly around the eyes.


While the breed is known as the national breed of Guatemala there seems to be a waning interest in the breed that if goes un-addressed could see this breed lost to extinction.


If the breed is able to find itself back into popularity and enough of the breed are established as a strong base it could at that time be considered a potential stock dog for the newly developing American Bully breed. Care should first however be given to stabilizing the breeds existence in its pure form before consideration in adding to the American Bully stock unless viable mates are unavailable.  



20-22inches (54-60cm)



Square and even without pronounced over or under-bite.



Cropped or uncropped set relatively high on head.



Black, brown or hazel



Deep but not too broad as such can offset balance and dexterity.



Lever shaped. Docked or un-docked.



Relatively large but not too long or too short. Should promote a gait while walking not subject to roll or waddle. Walk should appear natural without effort.





Muscle Structure

Well pronounced in legs and jaw line.



Should be held proportional to body size ranging from 77-100lbs



Primarily white with some minor black, red, or fawn patching on the head