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Dosa Inu

The Dosa Inu of South Korea or as preferred to be called by Koreans the Mee-Kyun Dosa unlike its Japanese cousin the Tosa Inu was never bred to be a fighting breed.


While there is no clear history on the breed it is believed to have been developed by crossing the Tosa Inu, Neapolitan Mastiff, and Dogue de Bordeaux. Additional breeds thought to have possibly influenced its development are the Saint Bernard and English Mastiff.


This breed is rarely seen outside of Korea and is not likely to gain a surge in demand as the closely resembling Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux are more readily accessible.


The Dosa Inu is the largest breed in Korea and can grow as large as 185lbs.


Given the nature of its breeding strict companion owners often find that it loves to consider itself a lap dog, which can be a bit disconcerting given its huge size and weight. Also because of their deep attachment to their owners they can often experience separation anxiety leading to destructive behavior.



23-30 inches









Primarily red and fawn