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Exotic Bully

The Exotic Bully is a developing breed that has a focus on having a compact bulldog look with extreme bully line features. At the American Bully Association our goal is to recognize the influence of all foundation breeds so breeders can better manage their breeding programs and buyers can better understand the influence each breed has. By doing this over time the developing Exotic bully will become more formalized in structure and look and will move from the developing breed to an established breed status.


While the foundation lines of this breed have not yet been firmly established in the breeding community primary breeds for consideration are the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Shorty Bull, Boston Terrier, pocket size American Bullies and a limited Pug influence. Because this breed has not yet been firmly established the look and expected standards are still in flux. Based on the current evolution of the breed it appears that the desired look is moving toward a short compact body style much like that of the English Bulldog but with a greater focus on an American Bully style head and body uniformity. In a sense the desired goal is to breed up the the girth of the French and Shorty Bull, slim down the English Bulldog and breed down the size of the pocket American Bully and meet somewhere in the middle with an averaging of all such traits.



up 18inches



25 to 50 lbs






All colors.



All colors.



All colors acceptable including blue and on single blue eyes.



Wide on head but not too high or low.