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Khowaty Bull Terrier

Khowaty Bull Terrier or otherwise known in Pakistan as the Old True Working English Bull Terrier is considered a pure breed back from the British empire time when the Hinks English Bull Terriers were imported to India by the British Raj. These terriers are believed by their owners to have been kept pure. If this is true this is probably the closest example to the old world Bull Terriers in existence.


The breed is rarely found outside Pakistan and the surrounding areas and even rare there. Given its historical nature, the state of civil unrest in the region and recent trends in migration it is not unreasonable to think that it will soon find itself in other regions around the world. Due to its rare nature proper purebred mates should be sought when possible. When and if it makes it to America. Europe and other areas of the world given its historical nature and resemblance to the Pit Bull if other purebred Khowaty Bull Terriers are not available first it may make a good candidate to be added to the base stock of the now developing American Bully breed.