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Olde English Bulldogge

Developed in the early 1970's by David Leavitt, of Coatesville, PA using a system developed by Ohio State University for breeding cattle Leavitt had the goal of recreating the Old English Bulldog of history from the Regency Period without it being confused with the modern day English Bulldog, which has been downbred from its predecessors. Leavitt's breeding stock included English Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff and American Bulldog.


In the early 1980's the breed was further advanced through the efforts of Ben and Karen Campetti from Sandisfield, MA where they began showing their Olde English Bulldogge and gaining the attention of other fanciers. By 1985 the breed was breeding true. Over the years the breed faced various ups and downs in the show world, registration industry and among breeders.


While the breed is good for guarding it is also bred to be a more social breed without the tenacity of some other bully breeds.


Today there are several breeders who specialize in this breed but as of recent more attention has been given to the American Bully – another new developing breed – that has been bred in much the same way but with an expanded stock base of other bully breeds.


Based on the look of the Olde English Bulldogge and the desired looks the American Bully breeder is wishing to achieve adding the Olde English Bulldogge to their breeding stock may be a good choice.  



16-20 inches






Exclusive shades of brown









Brindle, solid colors except blue, black or white albinism. May be piebald within acceptable colors