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The Rottweiler is also known as the Rotti or Rott and is a breed that has an unclear history. Obvious to the naked eye the breed is of Molosser origin with some believing it to be descended from the Italian or English Mastiff lines.


Over its known history the breed has had many jobs such as hunting, guarding, messenger dog, herder, police dog and draught (wagon pulling) dog.


During the 1800's the breed nearly went extinct until it was brought back by a handful of enthusiasts in Germnay. During WWI and WWII the breed found itself employed by the military as a police and draught dog.


This breed as many of the molosser types have experienced ups and downs related to industrialization, societal trends in moving and as a result of swings in public opinion often perpetuated by negative stereotypes of sensationalist media. By the 1990's the breed was one of the most in demand breeds in America and has remained as such sine then.


One of the key traits the breed is known for is its classic black and tan coloration similar also to that of the Doberman Pincher giving rise to its consideration as being part of that breed's development as well.



22-27 inches (56-69cm)



77-132lbs (35-60kg)



Typically docked at the first or second vertebrae or may be naturally bobtailed. In regions where docking is illegal the tail may be present but a propensity to bobtails is then more likely in order to keep with original standards.






Black and Tan