American Bully Association

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Shorty Bull

The Shorty Bull is a breed in development that consists primarily of three different breeds. These include the English Bulldog, French Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Breeds which should not be considered in the mis are Olde English Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers. The initial developers Amy Krogman and co-fonder Jamie Sweet expressly have stated Pugs and Boston Terriers should not be considered. The stated purpose in this breeds development was to develop a breed that of good temperament, strength and functionality without the need for assisted breeding or whelping. A good specimen of the developing Shorty Bull breed should be capable of living an active life.



13-15 inches



28 to 40 lbs






All colors except Merle and black and tan acceptable.



All colors are acceptable but should compliment the color of the dog. Dudley noses (affected by depigmentation) should be considered a cosmetic fault.



Slightly undershot preferred but scissor is alright and should not be considered a fault. Severe under-bite to the point the tongue does not remain in the oral cavity should be considered a fault.



All colors acceptable including blue and on single blue eyes.



Wide on head but not too high or low. Rose or erect ears are a major show fault but can be corrected surgically for show purposes. Both cropped and uncropped are acceptable.



Should be natural and appearing without labor.



Square to slight rise in loins acceptable. Roach, sway or wheel backed considered a fault.



May be bobbed, docked or screw but should be short. If docked should be at 3rd vertebrae.