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Sindh Bully / Sindh Mastiff

The Sindh Bully from Pakistan is often confused with its cousin the Bully Kutta. This is due in part that it also is often referred to as a Bully Kutta as the term is used somewhat generically in Pakistan to mean Bull Dog. The two however are different.


The Sindh Bully / Sindh Mastiff is somewhat smaller than the standard Bully Kutta and retains more of a mastiff as opposed to the standard Bulldog look. Due to the lack of developed nature of the economy and constant civil struggle of the region little emphasis is placed on their recording and documentation.


Another difference that most less informed would notice right away when comparing the two would be that the Bully Kutta is typically all or predominantly white, whereas the Sindh Bull/Sindh Mastiff is usually brindle, black or fawn with only 15% white. Some all white Sindh Bully/Sindh Mastiffs however have been noted.






110 to 130 lbs






Brindle, black or fawn with only 15% white. Pure white is more rare but acceptable