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American Bully Association Dog breed Dictionary

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An alternative name that is commonly referred to in reference to something or someone. For example the American Pit Bull Terrier may be referred to as Pit Bull, Pitbull, Pit or APBT.


The lineage of an animal. In its purest form this should be in reference to lines with no outside influence. In reality this terminology is often mis-represented as there are no real true pure bloodlines and all animals at some point are a mix of various bloodlines.

Blue Poll - AKA - Blue Paul:

An ancient now extinct breed that is considered to be foundation stock to many of the bully breeds we know today.

Bull Baiting:

A ancient and now illegal sport where dogs were used to fight bulls. In older times some considered the practice to have an effect on the quality of meat and thus the practice was often incorporated by local butchers.


A don't give up attitude. Irresponsible owners sometimes use this positive trait in a negative way through their promotion of dog fighting. The term is also often misunderstood by thugs that mistake game with crazy or mantally ill. A true game dog can be trusted and uses the trait with forethought. A crazy or mentally ill dog on the other hand acts with disregard and cannot be trusted and will often fall short with the task at hand whether it be weight pullng, hunting, herding, etc.

Legitimate Registry:

Any registry that properly tracks genealogy for pets. To learn more click here to see an explanation on cliams of legitimacy in the registration industry.