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FREE Litter Registration with the American Bully Association

That is correct you can receive FREE LITTER REGISTRATION with the American Bully Association.


In order to qualify for FREE LITTER REGISTRATION we require the following things:

- Both parents of the litter need to also either be ABA registered or be ABA registered at the same time as the current litter.

- The litter must consist of at least 4 pups.

- Both parents must be a recognized ABA bully / molosser breed.

- You must submit a front and side picture of each pup along with proper online litter registration form below.

- Must sign up with or all ready be part of our Premium Breeders Certified Kennel Program

- You must upload a short video to our social network Video must show you and your bully(s) / molosser with an end statement by you that says "I M Social Bull". We will then select some of our favorite to feature.

- You must notify the ABA after the video is uploaded to that you are using the FREE LITTER REGISTRATION program.

- Litter pups must be transferred to their new owner by the age of 6 months.


Once you finish the online registration you will need to pay the total cost. As each new owner properly completes the transfer of their new pup from litter to their own individual registration status we then will provide a credit to your account for the total registration value for each pup individually. At the 6 month mark we will then send a total credit back to you in the form of online payment through PayPal or Bitcoin up to the total value of your litter registration fee. As long as each criteria is met and all pups are properly transferred within the 6 month time frame this means your litter will then be registered free.


Why does the ABA charge then reimburse vs. just sending me the litter paperwork free? This is the most asked question. The reason for this is to insure that the pups are properly completed and remain in the registration system. The number one reason why dogs fall out of the registration process is because the owners fail to complete the transfer process in a timely manner. This failure results in unregistered pets, depressed values for various breeds and increases the risk of shelter turn-ins and discards. Once a pet falls out of registration if they are not properly brought back in this causes complete loss of their genealogical data. The primary purpose of a pet registry is first and foremost keeping and properly managing genealogical data on such pets. The failure to properly complete the process is the number one issue that has the greatest impact on purebred pet management including both value and responsible stewardship. At the American Bully Association we have come up with our FREE LITTER REGISTRATION system to insure that the highest percentage of proper pup transfers take place as possible. By rewarding the breeder based on their level of success in communicating this need to their new pup owners the ABA feels this is the best possible way to insure proper purebred pet management and ongoing maintenance of critical genealogical data.


One tip we like to offer our breeders is that instead of leaving the process up to the new owners you can complete it for them. This way you can be assured of 100% proper transfers as well as a 100% credit to your account.

Family Online Registration

Family Print and Mail In Forms


If registering under purebred status both parents MUST BE of the same breed. Developing breeds MUST NOTATE breed of each parent.


Litter Plus One Parent Online Registration

Litter Plus Print and Mail In Forms


The ABA does not REQUIRE both parents be ABA registered but this is encouraged as only having one can significantly impact how well your dog's Family is tracked over time.


If registering under purebred status both parents MUST BE of the same breed. Developing breeds MUST NOTATE breed of each parent.