Individual List

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Individuals with surname '.
1'07 Bentley, Top Edge Kennels    MYESNR
2'Ace' Blue Jax, Dale-Simmons'    MYESN
3'AKC CH' Mistina,
'AKC CH' Mistina,
4'AKC CH' Ruffian Chita Of Harwyn,
'AKC CH' Ruffian Chita Of Harwyn,
5'AKC CH' Ruffian High Ace Of Harwyn,
'AKC CH' Ruffian High Ace Of Harwyn,
6'AKC CH' Ruffian Texas Queen Of Harwyn,
'AKC CH' Ruffian Texas Queen Of Harwyn,
7'AKC CH' Sky King Of Harwyn,
'AKC CH' Sky King Of Harwyn,
8'AKC CH' Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt,
'AKC CH' Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt,
9'B' Bonehead, 'PR' Legarreta's    MYESN
10'B' Bonehead, 'PR' Legarreta's    MYESN
11'CH' 'PR' Big John Of Tufftown,
'CH' 'PR' Big John Of Tufftown,
12'CH' 'PR' Calamity Of Tufftown,
'CH' 'PR' Calamity Of Tufftown,
13'CH' 'PR' Ivan of CA Pitstop,
'CH' 'PR' Ivan of CA Pitstop,
14'CH' 'PR' Larum Shinnin Sheala,
'CH' 'PR' Larum Shinnin Sheala,
15'CH' 'PR' Rebelrouser Of Showdown,
'CH' 'PR' Rebelrouser Of Showdown,
16'CH' 'PR' Shadytown's Holy Smokes,
'CH' 'PR' Shadytown's Holy Smokes,
17'CH' 'PR' Shelka Dawn of Nevada,
'CH' 'PR' Shelka Dawn of Nevada,
18'CH' 'PR' Shena Duchess Of Achaea,
'CH' 'PR' Shena Duchess Of Achaea,
19'CH' A-A Red Riot, (NR) Valhalla's    MYESN
20'CH' Alavesa Of Rip Rock,
'CH' Alavesa Of Rip Rock,
21'CH' Amber, (NR) Holcomb's    FYESN
22'CH' Apache On The Watchtower,
'CH' Apache On The Watchtower,
23'CH' Arien Sangue Magnifico,
'CH' Arien Sangue Magnifico,
24'CH' Arthur, (NR) Andrasi's    MYESNR
25'CH' Athena Sangue Magnifica,
'CH' Athena Sangue Magnifica,
26'CH' Axel, (NR) Chadwell's    MYESNR
27'CH' B.L.K. Cowboy, Brantley's
Cowboy, (NR) CH Brantley's B.L.K. B-Line's
28'CH' Baron Gizmo Of Liberty,
'CH' Baron Gizmo Of Liberty,
29'CH' Baytown Rivercity Chivas On Ice,
'CH' Baytown Rivercity Chivas On Ice,
Baytown Rivercity Chiva,
30'CH' BC Roustabout of Evergreen,
'CH' BC Roustabout of Evergreen,
31'CH' Beanie Baby, (NR) Jeff Guy's    FYESN
32'CH' Bobby Jr., Boyles'
Bobby Jr, Thrift's
33'CH' Bodacia, Tatonka's    FYESN
34'CH' Boris,
'CH' Boris,
35'CH' Bronco, (NR) RC & Soso    MYESN
36'CH' Brown Sugar, (NR) Knight's    FYESN
37'CH' Bubba-Boe, Sorrells'    MYESN
38'CH' Buck, Craig's    MYESN
39'CH' Bumper, (NR) Thrift's    MYESNR
40'CH' Buster, (NR) Leblanc's    MYESNR
41'CH' Buster, (NR) Reddick's    MYESNR
42'CH' Calamityne, (NR) Wildside's    FYESNL
43'CH' Castro, Komany's    MYESN
44'CH' Cesare I,
'CH' Cesare I,
45'CH' Charley Brwon Rosette,
'CH' Charley Brwon Rosette,
46'CH' Cheno,
'CH' Cheno,
47'CH' Cherokee Legend Rock,
'CH' Cherokee Legend Rock,
48'CH' Cheyenne, (NR) Jeff Guy's    FYESN
49'CH' Chief Thunder, (NR) Ray Pope's    MYESNR
50'CH' Chiko, Tatonka & Mendez'    MYESN
51'CH' China Girl, (NR) Agrela's    FYESNR
52'CH' Chirokee Chief, Roberts
Chirokee Chief, (NR) Robert's
53'CH' Chirokee Jack, (NR) Ates    MYESN
54'CH' Chocolate, (NR) Jeff Guy's    FYESN
55'CH' Claire, (NR) Mims'    FYESN
56'CH' Cocaine, Juna's    MYESN
57'CH' Cocomo Bel Monte,
'CH' Cocomo Bel Monte,
58'CH' Cowboy, Wildside's    MYESN
59'CH' David,
'CH' David,
60'CH' Dirty, (NR) Jeff Guy's    MYESN
61'CH' Drako Julio Voltio,
'CH' Drako Julio Voltio,
62'CH' Eli, (NR) B. Young's    MYESN
63'CH' Gambler, Reid's    MYESN
64'CH' Gem, (NR) Power House's    FYESN
65'CH' Gigi, (NR) Chadwell's    FYESNR
66'CH' Godiva, (NR) Diamond's    FYESN
67'CH' Gvido Sengue Magnifico,
'CH' Gvido Sengue Magnifico,
68'CH' Hannah, (NR) Le Blanc's    FYESNR
69'CH' Honeysuckle Rose, P's    FYESN
70'CH' Idra Del Murgese,
'CH' Idra Del Murgese,
71'CH' Indian Doc,
'CH' Indian Doc,
72'CH' Jezabelle, (NR) Danny's   FYESYES
73'CH' King, (NR) Ray Pope's    MYESNR
74'CH' Krusher, (NR) Jeff Guy's    MYESN
75'CH' Lil Jeff, (NR) Jeff Guy's    MYESN
76'CH' Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer,
'CH' Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer,
77'CH' Lila, (NR) Ray Pope's    FYESNR
78'CH' Lizzie, (NR) Le Blanc's    FYESN
79'CH' Lylane Cheyenne Lancer,
'CH' Lylane Cheyenne Lancer,
80'CH' Manuka, Sorrells'    FYESN
81'CH' Marshawn-Beast-Mode-Lynch,
'CH' Marshawn-Beast-Mode-Lynch,
82'CH' Nico, Stone City's    MYESN
83'CH' Nipper, (NR) Matusewski's    MYESNR
84'CH' Paladin, William's    MYESN
85'CH' Pearl, (NR) Ratliff's    FYESNR
86'CH' Pistol Pete, R. Sorrell's    MYESN
87'CH' Polly, Crenshaw's    FYESN
88'CH' Quaron,
'CH' Quaron,
89'CH' Rambo,
'CH' Rambo,
90'CH' Razors Edge Jazzy Jewelz,
'CH' Razors Edge Jazzy Jewelz,
91'CH' Razors Edge Razzel Dazzel,
'CH' Razors Edge Razzel Dazzel,
92'CH' Red, (NR) Red B's    FYESNR
93'CH' Red Apache, Wilder's    MYESN
94'CH' Red Rover, Townsend's    MYESN
95'CH' Ronald, (NR) Singletary's
Andy Capp, 'GRCH' Hall's
96'CH' Royal Court Winning Colors, (NR)    MYESNR
97'CH' Rubens,
'CH' Rubens,
98'CH' Ruffian Harper Of Harwyn,
'CH' Ruffian Harper Of Harwyn,
99'CH' Ruffian Hercules Of Har-Wyn,
'CH' Ruffian Hercules Of Har-Wyn,
100'CH' Ruffian Marechal Of Har-Wyn,
'CH' Ruffian Marechal Of Har-Wyn,
101'CH' Sadie, (NR) Wade's    FYESN
102'CH' Saida,
'CH' Saida,
103'CH' Sailor, Sorrells'    MYESN
104'CH' Sangue Magnifica Murano,
'CH' Sangue Magnifica Murano,
105'CH' Sassy Lolita Of Warlo,
'CH' Sassy Lolita Of Warlo,
106'CH' Shredd, (NR) Ray Pope's    FYESN
107'CH' Sidekick, Sorrells'    MYESN
108'CH' Sir Rambo I, Spence's    MYESNR
109'CH' Spanky Royal Jester,
'CH' Spanky Royal Jester,
110'CH' Tuff Son Of Buster,
'CH' Tuff Son Of Buster,
111'CH' White Rock Reba, Paxton's    FYESN
112'CH' Wile E Coyote, (NR) KLSKC-K9's   MYESYES
113'CH UCD' Lady Whitney of York,
'CH UCD' Lady Whitney of York,
114'GD CH' Buck, (NR) Morgan's    MYESN
115'GRCH' 'PR' Amber-Lite Mad Dillon,
'GRCH' 'PR' Amber-Lite Mad Dillon,
116'GRCH' 'PR' Xia Of Lar-San,
'GRCH' 'PR' Xia Of Lar-San,
117'GRCH' A.D. Amber, Humes'    FYESN
118'GRCH' Beaujolais Of Lar-San,
'GRCH' Beaujolais Of Lar-San,
119'GRCH' Bloodsport, Moore's    MYESN
120'GRCH' Boogieman, (NR) Caldwell's    MYESN
121'GRCH' Canam Brees Of Barnyard Bullys,
'GRCH' Canam Brees Of Barnyard Bullys,
122'GRCH' J.B. Jessee James, Humes'    MYESN
123'GRCH' Jasmin, DOW's    FYESNR
124'GRCH' Once In A Blue Moon,
'GRCH' Once In A Blue Moon,
125'GRCH' Outlaw, Hargrove's
Outlaw, (NR) Hargrove's 'GRCH'
126'GRCH' Prince Del Cerbus,
'GRCH' Prince Del Cerbus,
127'GRCH' Snake, Brabham's    MYESN
128'GRCH' Tank, Tomcat's    MYESN
129'GRCH' Tiftown Red Hot Rocket,
'GRCH' Tiftown Red Hot Rocket,
130'NGRCH' 'GRCH' Rowdytown Hardrock Cafe,
'NGRCH' 'GRCH' Rowdytown Hardrock Cafe,
131'NGRCH' 'GRCH' Rowdytown Rainbow Warrior,
'NGRCH' 'GRCH' Rowdytown Rainbow Warrior,
132'OFA Good' Mt Shast Of Joshua,
'OFA Good' Mt Shast Of Joshua,
133'PR' 10 Rock The Rwood-Dolly,
'PR' 10 Rock The Rwood-Dolly,
134'PR' 405's Lasenberry's AJ, Waldorf Kennels'    MYESNL
135'PR' 'CH' True Grit Shannon,
'PR' 'CH' True Grit Shannon,
136'PR' 'CH' Vito,
'PR' 'CH' Vito,
137'PR' 'TSO' Bullseye Of Ultimate Pits,
'PR' 'TSO' Bullseye Of Ultimate Pits,
138'PR' A New Dynasty,
'PR' A New Dynasty,
139'PR' Adams' Fancy Don't Let Me Down, Catch Dog's    FYESNL
140'PR' Adams' Foo Man, Criswell's    MYESNL
141'PR' Adolph Stewart,
'PR' Adolph Stewart,
142'PR' Akebono Of Cowart Clan,
'PR' Akebono Of Cowart Clan,
143'PR' Akisamiyo Of Cowart Clan,
'PR' Akisamiyo Of Cowart Clan,
144'PR' Akwa G&Y Stables,
'PR' Akwa G&Y Stables,
145'PR' Alexis Gutierrez,
'PR' Alexis Gutierrez,
146'PR' Angel Eyes Of IBK,
'PR' Angel Eyes Of IBK,
147'PR' Angel Lady,
'PR' Angel Lady,
148'PR' Apocalypse Diamond Of Pureblue,
'PR' Apocalypse Diamond Of Pureblue,
149'PR' Ash Guerrero,
'PR' Ash Guerrero,
150'PR' Athena 727BabyBlues, Kochanik's    FYESNL
151'PR' Atom Bomb,
'PR' Atom Bomb,
152'PR' Atty De'Lion Browne,
'PR' Atty De'Lion Browne,
153'PR' Awax Of Dagger Wdx,
'PR' Awax Of Dagger Wdx,
154'PR' Azul Munoz,
'PR' Azul Munoz,
155'PR' Baby Blue Lexis,
'PR' Baby Blue Lexis,
156'PR' Baby Girl,
'PR' Baby Girl,
157'PR' Backyard Alexis,
'PR' Backyard Alexis,
158'PR' Bandit Grizzley,
'PR' Bandit Grizzley,
159'PR' Barbie Lopez,
'PR' Barbie Lopez,
160'PR' Baylie Star,
'PR' Baylie Star,
161'PR' Bearboo Of Ironsquad,
'PR' Bearboo Of Ironsquad,
162'PR' Beastly Cam Neutron, Foothills Blue Pits'    MYESN
163'PR' Bella Ann Lofty,
'PR' Bella Ann Lofty,
164'PR' Bella Carolina Reed,
'PR' Bella Carolina Reed,
165'PR' Big Bad Blue,
'PR' Big Bad Blue,
166'PR' Big Bermuda Of Bullys 4 Life,
'PR' Big Bermuda Of Bullys 4 Life,
167'PR' Big Buddy Demon Of York,
'PR' Big Buddy Demon Of York,
168'PR' Big Buddy's Barack Obama, Scrap Iron's    MYESN
169'PR' Big Buddy Sharol Of Mattrix's,
'PR' Big Buddy Sharol Of Mattrix's,
170'PR' Big Foote Cupid,
'PR' Big Foote Cupid,
171'PR' Big Mikes Sharklines Texas,
'PR' Big Mikes Sharklines Texas,
172'PR' Black Joe,
'PR' Black Joe,
173'PR' Black Mamba Of Agave Blue HRK,
'PR' Black Mamba Of Agave Blue HRK,
174'PR' Black Reign,
'PR' Black Reign,
175'PR' Blacky, A-Lopburi    FYESN
176'PR' Bleforce Blockbuster Of BLB,
'PR' Bleforce Blockbuster Of BLB,
177'PR' Blu Bailey,
'PR' Blu Bailey,
178'PR' Blue Boss,
'PR' Blue Boss,
179'PR' Blue Boss, Chain Gang's    MYESN
180'PR' Blue Castle's Dallas Star, Dand Stars'    FYESNL
181'PR' Blue Denali,
'PR' Blue Denali,
182'PR' Blue Dragon, (NR)    MYESN
183'PR' Blue Dynasty Blue Akira, (NR)    FYESN
184'PR' Blue Fire Pappa Bolo,
'PR' Blue Fire Pappa Bolo,
Poppa Bolo, Bluefires
185'PR' Blue Haze,
'PR' Blue Haze,
186'PR' Blue Ivy,
'PR' Blue Ivy,
187'PR' Blue Jayda,
'PR' Blue Jayda,
188'PR' Blue Lady,
'PR' Blue Lady,
189'PR' Blue Malitia Dubs At DTown,
'PR' Blue Malitia Dubs At DTown,
190'PR' Blue Rhino,
'PR' Blue Rhino,
191'PR' Blue Rhino, Reyes'    MYESN
192'PR' Bluefire's Daisy Dominguez, Dominguez Kennel's    FYESN
193'PR' Blusie Of oneyard Kennels,
'PR' Blusie Of oneyard Kennels,
194'PR' Boloe Mendoza,
'PR' Boloe Mendoza,
195'PR' Bonnie Diamond Brown,
'PR' Bonnie Diamond Brown,
196'PR' Boo Boo, Barajas'    FYESN
197'PR' Boss Cream,
'PR' Boss Cream,
198'PR' Bossy's Athena Of Graceful, Graceful's    FYESNL
199'PR' BPK Kimeeko Of Mayhembullie,
'PR' BPK Kimeeko Of Mayhembullie,
200'PR' Brandon's Kaycee, Lion Heart's    FYESNL
201'PR' Brickhouse L Jacob Da Rochead,
'PR' Brickhouse L Jacob Da Rochead,
202'PR' Bruno, King Bullie's
Bruno, King Bullie's
203'PR' Bruno Almighty,
'PR' Bruno Almighty,
204'PR' Bruno Rosales,
'PR' Bruno Rosales,
205'PR' Buddy Casey,
'PR' Buddy Casey,
206'PR' Bulliesedge Athena, DeVenney's    FYESN
207'PR' Butthead Silky,
'PR' Butthead Silky,
208'PR' Cadillac Mercado,
'PR' Cadillac Mercado,
209'PR' Cane Plaisance Fields,
'PR' Cane Plaisance Fields,
210'PR' Canela Jewels,
'PR' Canela Jewels,
211'PR' Carilto Donovan,
'PR' Carilto Donovan,
212'PR' Castonons The Stitch, Olsen's Kennels'    MYESNL
213'PR' Cauzey Man,
'PR' Cauzey Man,
214'PR' Central Texas Gottiline's Jr, Alien Dawgz'
Jr, Central Texas Gottiline's
215'PR' Certified Diamond Stotts S&S,
'PR' Certified Diamond Stotts S&S,
216'PR' Certified Some Big Thick Meat,
'PR' Certified Some Big Thick Meat,
217'PR' Cha-Cha Balu, (NR)    FYESNR
218'PR' Chaparra AKA Hope,
'PR' Chaparra AKA Hope,
219'Pr' Che Aquino,
'Pr' Che Aquino,
220'PR' Cheyenne Cutty Raguindin, (NR)    FYESNR
221'PR' Chief Krazy Bear I,
'PR' Chief Krazy Bear I,
222'PR' Chigon Lopez,
'PR' Chigon Lopez,
223'PR' China Blue,
'PR' China Blue,
224'PR' Chiquies J Hernandez,
'PR' Chiquies J Hernandez,
225'PR' Cinnamon Girl,
'PR' Cinnamon Girl,
226'PR' Classic Black Thorne,
'PR' Classic Black Thorne,
227'PR' Cocaine Pineda,
'PR' Cocaine Pineda,
228'PR' Conan King,
'PR' Conan King,
229'PR' Cosmoplitan, Sin City Pits'    MYESNL
230'PR' Country Girl Petey,
'PR' Country Girl Petey,
231'PR' Cozmo,
'PR' Cozmo,
232'PR' Crabby Abby, Henry's    FYESNL
233'PR' Crain-Baby Blue,
'PR' Crain-Baby Blue,
234'PR' Crowns Royal Blue Diamond, (NR)    MYESN
235'PR' Crowns Royal Passion, (NR)    FYESN
236'PR' Crowns Violet, (NR)    FYESN
237'PR' Crucifixion Cruz, SSPetigroom's    MYESNL
238'PR' Crystal Blue,
'PR' Crystal Blue,
239'PR' CT Diamond Gottiline,
'PR' CT Diamond Gottiline,
240'PR' CT Toro Gottiline,
'PR' CT Toro Gottiline,
241'PR' Cuahutemoc Plascencia,
'PR' Cuahutemoc Plascencia,
242'PR' Cyclone, Mikeland's    MYESNR
243'PR' Cyclonic Fury, (NR) York's    MYESN
244'PR' Daisy Bailey,
'PR' Daisy Bailey,
245'PR' Daisy May,
'PR' Daisy May,
246'PR' Daisy May,
'PR' Daisy May,
247'PR' Dallas Texas, (NR) Yanez'    MYESN
248'PR' Dead Games Crazy Gator,
'PR' Dead Games Crazy Gator,
249'PR' Demond Morales,
'PR' Demond Morales,
250'PR' Destiny, SCP    FYESN
251'PR' Diamond Carrillo,
'PR' Diamond Carrillo,
252'PR' Diamond Hill,
'PR' Diamond Hill,
253'PR' Diamond Of Dixon,
'PR' Diamond Of Dixon,
254'PR' Diamond Ortiz,
'PR' Diamond Ortiz,
255'PR' Diego,
'PR' Diego,
256'PR' Diehard Chief,
'PR' Diehard Chief,
257'PR' Diehard Lighter Shade of Brown,
'PR' Diehard Lighter Shade of Brown,
258'PR' Diesel Gonzales,
'PR' Diesel Gonzales,
259'PR' Digger Digger Do,
'PR' Digger Digger Do,
260'PR' Dinero Premier Brown,
'PR' Dinero Premier Brown,
261'PR' Dirty Thirty Apollo, Poe's    MYESNL
262'PR' Dixie Momma,
'PR' Dixie Momma,
263'PR' Dominant Blue,
'PR' Dominant Blue,
264'PR' Dominion Rajun Blu Kajun Of BBK,
'PR' Dominion Rajun Blu Kajun Of BBK,
265'PR' Domino Of Suarez Bull, Squires    MYESNR
266'PR' Down Home Blue's Nyla, Hendricks'    FYESNL
267'PR' Dozer's Titanium Tank, Smith's    MYESNL
268'PR' Dozer The Destroyer,
'PR' Dozer The Destroyer,
269'PR' Duce Of Yang,
'PR' Duce Of Yang,
270'PR' Dueces Wild,
'PR' Dueces Wild,
271'PR' Ethel Mae,
'PR' Ethel Mae,
272'PR' Fat Boy Fame Kennels,
'PR' Fat Boy Fame Kennels,
273'PR' Feltus' Purple Rain, Castanons    MYESN
274'PR' Freedom Lady Red,
'PR' Freedom Lady Red,
275'PR' Gabriel Of Titan,
'PR' Gabriel Of Titan,
276'PR' Gabrielle Gabby Jones,
'PR' Gabrielle Gabby Jones,
277'PR' GCB Kain Of CK,
'PR' GCB Kain Of CK,
278'PR' George Tiger Kennels of Evspits,
'PR' George Tiger Kennels of Evspits,
279'PR' Get Out The Way Biggie,
'PR' Get Out The Way Biggie,
280'PR' Ghost Of Olympus Iron,
'PR' Ghost Of Olympus Iron,
281'PR' Ghostie Boi, Mill Park Kennelz'    MYESN
282'PR' Ginger Gray,
'PR' Ginger Gray,
283'PR' Godoy's Casper, JGV's    MYESNL
284'PR' Goodfella's Kino,
'PR' Goodfella's Kino,
285'PR' Gotta Lotta Dough, Mafia's    FYESNR
286'PR' Gotti, Hall's Kennels'    MYESN
287'PR' Greycy Grey,
'PR' Greycy Grey,
288'PR' Greyface Of Gotty's Greyline,
'PR' Greyface Of Gotty's Greyline,
289'PR' Grim Reaper's Dark Knight, Garibay-Milligan's    MYESN
290'PR' GrimmJow Jaegerjaques, Playhouse Bullies'    MYESN
291'PR' Haemon Demois Forbes,
'PR' Haemon Demois Forbes,
292'PR' Havoc Harrison, (NR)    MYESN
293'PR' Hawaiian Angel,
'PR' Hawaiian Angel,
294'PR' Hazel Dixie,
'PR' Hazel Dixie,
295'PR' Hurrikane Blue,
'PR' Hurrikane Blue,
296'PR' Icy Shiver, D.L. Brandon's    FYESN
297'PR' Ima Camo Impression, Ellis'    MYESN
298'PR' Iron Cross Kano,
'PR' Iron Cross Kano,
299'PR' Iron Mike Tyson,
'PR' Iron Mike Tyson,
300'PR' Ironman Diesel, HeavenSent's    MYESNR
301'PR' Its All A Mirage,
'PR' Its All A Mirage,
302'PR' Jakey Rojas Brahman Kennels,
'PR' Jakey Rojas Brahman Kennels,
303'PR' Jesse James Lop,
'PR' Jesse James Lop,
304'PR' Jose's Puggzy, (NR)    MYESNR
305'PR' Julius Ceasar,
'PR' Julius Ceasar,
306'PR' K-Beezy's Young Yayo, Bell's    MYESNL
307'PR' Kaley Casey,
'PR' Kaley Casey,
308'PR' Kalypso, Maya-Cisneros'    FYESNL
309'PR' Kane Cabo,
'PR' Kane Cabo,
310'PR' Kaos Brown,
'PR' Kaos Brown,
311'PR' Karla Unique,
'PR' Karla Unique,
312'PR' Kayne Jago,
'PR' Kayne Jago,
313'PR' Khoa Bigsexy Khaine,
'PR' Khoa Bigsexy Khaine,
314'PR' Killer Blue II,
'PR' Killer Blue II,
315'PR' King Bailey,
'PR' King Bailey,
316'PR' King Gotti Pirate Kennel,
'PR' King Gotti Pirate Kennel,
317'PR' King Louis V Of Massive Kennels,
'PR' King Louis V Of Massive Kennels,
318'PR' King Tank Of Big Bear,
'PR' King Tank Of Big Bear,
319'PR' King Tucco,
'PR' King Tucco,
320'PR' King Tut Stotts,
'PR' King Tut Stotts,
321'PR' Kitu Cephas,
'PR' Kitu Cephas,
322'PR' Kong Bully Lopburi Buta, El's    FYESN
323'PR' Krazy,
'PR' Krazy,
324'PR' KTK Goon,
'PR' KTK Goon,
325'PR' Kurt Frank Blue Myers,
'PR' Kurt Frank Blue Myers,
326'PR' Kurupt Goldsmith,
'PR' Kurupt Goldsmith,
327'PR' La Madrina,
'PR' La Madrina,
328'PR' Lady Red,
'PR' Lady Red,
329'PR' Lady Rojo,
'PR' Lady Rojo,
330'PR' Lady Tess Of Tustin,
'PR' Lady Tess Of Tustin,
331'PR' Lala Duran,
'PR' Lala Duran,
332'PR' Layla Von Reuter,
'PR' Layla Von Reuter,
333'PR' Legend Of Motown, (NR)    MYESNR
334'PR' Lightnin Bolt,
'PR' Lightnin Bolt,
335'PR' Lil Blue Daisy Lou,
'PR' Lil Blue Daisy Lou,
336'PR' Lil Bumpy Of UGKS,
'PR' Lil Bumpy Of UGKS,
337'PR' Lil Flower,
'PR' Lil Flower,
338'PR' Lil Gamble,
'PR' Lil Gamble,
339'PR' Lil Miss Chubbs,
'PR' Lil Miss Chubbs,
340'PR' Little Samson, (NR)    MYESN
341'PR' Lo-Lo Of Mystyle,
Lo-Lo Of Mystyle,
'PR' Lo-Lo Of Mystyle,
342'PR' Lola Of Pimpin Pits,
'PR' Lola Of Pimpin Pits,
343'PR' Luci Lou,
'PR' Luci Lou,
344'PR' Lucky Dog, Wilson's    MYESNR
345'PR' Lucy Girl,
'PR' Lucy Girl,
346'Pr' Lucy Mendez,
'Pr' Lucy Mendez,
347'PR' Lulu Of Pit Of God, Mafia's    FYESN
348'PR' Lumba Jaxxx,
'PR' Lumba Jaxxx,
349'PR' Luna Bella,
'PR' Luna Bella,
350'PR' Lynchimus Maximus, Aguiar's    MYESN
351'PR' M&M Jewels,
'PR' M&M Jewels,
352'PR' Mahina Hou,
'PR' Mahina Hou,
353'PR' Mano blue,
'PR' Mano blue,
354'PR' Martyjax Easter Lilly,
'PR' Martyjax Easter Lilly,
355'PR' Max AKA Maximum Destruction,    MYESN
356'PR' Maximum Contender,
'PR' Maximum Contender,
357'PR' Maximus Hernandez, Griner's    MYESN
358'PR' Maximus Perez,
'PR' Maximus Perez,
359'PR' Mc Princess,
'PR' Mc Princess,
360'PR' McCoy's Gone Off Dat Molly, Fortune K900's    FYESN
361'PR' Meeks Arianna Of Red Rose,
'PR' Meeks Arianna Of Red Rose,
362'PR' Mega Hypnotic, Warrington's    MYESN
363'PR' Melrah, 131's    FYESNL
364'PR' Memphis Milwaukee Clardy, Old School Pit Bulls'    MYESN
365'PR' Mexican Ferragamo,
'PR' Mexican Ferragamo,
366'PR' Mia Perez,
'PR' Mia Perez,
367'PR' Miclo Elcomandante Of Michelle,
'PR' Miclo Elcomandante Of Michelle,
368'PR' Mimi Diamond Bassegio,
'PR' Mimi Diamond Bassegio,
369'PR' Miss' Blue, (NR)    FYESN
370'PR' Miss Chopper,
'PR' Miss Chopper,
371'PR' Miss Sadie,
'PR' Miss Sadie,
372'PR' Miss Tazmainean Devil,
'PR' Miss Tazmainean Devil,
373'PR' Missy Aguilar,
'PR' Missy Aguilar,
374'PR' Mister Budweiser III,
'PR' Mister Budweiser III,
375'PR' Mister Plomo,
'PR' Mister Plomo,
376'PR' Mistic Blue,
'PR' Mistic Blue,
377'PR' Momma's Gypsy Rose, Phoeniquera Bullies'    FYESN
378'PR' Monster Jojola,
Monster Jo Jola, Westside's
'PR' Monster Jojola,
379'PR' Monster Villasenor,
'PR' Monster Villasenor,
380'PR' Most Wanted She's A Classic,
'PR' Most Wanted She's A Classic,
381'PR' Motown Blue Pretty Boy Sancho, (NR)    MYESN
382'PR' Motown Blue Sage, (NR)    FYESNR
383'PR' MPK-NC Debow Of PBK,
'PR' MPK-NC Debow Of PBK,
384'PR' Mr. Assassin,
'PR' Mr. Assassin,
385'PR' Mr Ouija,
'PR' Mr Ouija,
386'PR' Mrs Porno Queen,
'PR' Mrs Porno Queen,
387'PR' Mrs Shortie,
'PR' Mrs Shortie,
388'PR' Ms Tri That Purple Jada,
'PR' Ms Tri That Purple Jada,
389'PR' Muggs Of Sycamore,
'PR' Muggs Of Sycamore,
390'PR' Mystique Stokes,
'PR' Mystique Stokes,
391'PR' Mythology Megatron Of Highline,
'PR' Mythology Megatron Of Highline,
392'PR' Mz. Pigee,
'PR' Mz. Pigee,
393'PR' Mz Piggy Bank,
'PR' Mz Piggy Bank,
394'PR' Nala Carrillo,
'PR' Nala Carrillo,
395'PR' Navarros CA. Candycane,
'PR' Navarros CA. Candycane,
396'PR' ND Princes Gottiline By Boogie,
'PR' ND Princes Gottiline By Boogie,
397'PR' Nena Alvarado,
'PR' Nena Alvarado,
398'PR' Nevaeh Izabella Blue Smith,
'PR' Nevaeh Izabella Blue Smith,
399'PR' Nina Sweet,
'PR' Nina Sweet,
400'PR' Niobe Of The Empire,
'PR' Niobe Of The Empire,
401'PR' Northern CA Cleo Bambino,
'PR' Northern CA Cleo Bambino,
402'PR' Nova Bluegood,
'PR' Nova Bluegood,
403'PR' One Drop,
'PR' One Drop,
404'PR' Oppis Infamous Big Red AKA Diesel, Lowery's    MYESN
405'PR' Optic Art, Heavy Bulls    FYESNR
406'PR' Otis The Hillbilly Hound,
'PR' Otis The Hillbilly Hound,
407'Pr' Ozzie, (NR) Headrush Kennels    MYESN
408'PR' Pantera Dimebag Darrell Abbott,
'PR' Pantera Dimebag Darrell Abbott,
409'PR' Pasadena Cortes Sable,
'PR' Pasadena Cortes Sable,
410'PR' Patches AKA Nyurka,
'PR' Patches AKA Nyurka,
411'PR' Patches Of JBK,
'PR' Patches Of JBK,
412'PR' Peanut Lowrider Avina,
'PR' Peanut Lowrider Avina,
413'Pr' Pele Alcantra,
'Pr' Pele Alcantra,
414'PR' Pepper & Salt,
'PR' Pepper & Salt,
415'PR' Perez Romulan, (NR)    MYESN
416'PR' Perfection PitBulls Osiris, Platinum Blue's    MYESN
417'PR' Pharoah Daniels, (NR)    MYESNR
418'PR' Pirana Of Sai,
'PR' Pirana Of Sai,
419'PR' Pirate Hemi,
'PR' Pirate Hemi,
420'PR' Pistol Annie Pepper, Lewis'    FYESN
421'PR' Pitufa Blue,
'PR' Pitufa Blue,
422'PR' Pixie Gottiline BHK,
'PR' Pixie Gottiline BHK,
423'PR' Polly Ann,
'PR' Polly Ann,
424'PR' Polu Boy, Mahoe's    MYESN
425'PR' Precious Playgirl of Southtown,
'PR' Precious Playgirl of Southtown,
426'PR' Pretty Aj,
'PR' Pretty Aj,
427'PR' Pretty Angel,
'PR' Pretty Angel,
428'PR' Pretty Baby Blue,
'PR' Pretty Baby Blue,
429'Pr' Primo Mendez,
'Pr' Primo Mendez,
430'PR' Prince Patches,
'PR' Prince Patches,
431'PR' Princess Belle,
'PR' Princess Belle,
432'PR' Princess Of The Blue Realms,
'PR' Princess Of The Blue Realms,
433'PR' Prius, A-Lopburi    MYESN
434'PR' Puppy Pooh,
'PR' Puppy Pooh,
435'PR' Pure Blue Razors Edge Missy,
'PR' Pure Blue Razors Edge Missy,
436'PR' Pure Blue Ziggy,
'PR' Pure Blue Ziggy,
437'PR' Pure Kryptonite,
'PR' Pure Kryptonite,
438'PR' Pure Kryptonite,
'PR' Pure Kryptonite,
439'PR' Pure Razors Edge Classique Lagirl,
Classique LA Girl, Pure Razor's Edge
'PR' Pure Razors Edge Classique Lagirl,
440'PR' Pure Razors Edge Eros,
'PR' Pure Razors Edge Eros,
441'PR' Queenie Smalls,
'PR' Queenie Smalls,
442'PR' Raheam Of Dangerzone,
'PR' Raheam Of Dangerzone,
443'PR' Rahja Loyal,
'PR' Rahja Loyal,
444'PR' Ramon Juice, Diva Mafia's    MYESN
445'PR' Razor's Edge Renteria's Bow Wow, Chamber's    MYESN
446'PR' Razor's Edge Tito,
'PR' Razor's Edge Tito,
447'Pr' Razoredge Toc's Razor,
'Pr' Razoredge Toc's Razor,
448'PR' Razors Edge Prime Time,
'PR' Razors Edge Prime Time,
449'PR' Razors Edge Storm Of Bone,
'PR' Razors Edge Storm Of Bone,
450'PR' Razorsedge Nemo Of AZN Squad,
'PR' Razorsedge Nemo Of AZN Squad,
451'PR' RE Boszie Of Baccarat Bullies,
'PR' RE Boszie Of Baccarat Bullies,
452'PR' Rebel Ellis,
'PR' Rebel Ellis,
453'PR' Red Danger, (NR)    MYESN
454'PR' Red Princess,
'PR' Red Princess,
455'PR' Red Princess, Hemphill's    FYESN
456'PR' Remy Ma,
'PR' Remy Ma,
457'PR' Remyline Reina Of Youngremy,
'PR' Remyline Reina Of Youngremy,
458'PR' Remyline Un Bambi,
'PR' Remyline Un Bambi,
459'PR' Remyline Un Chicharito,
'PR' Remyline Un Chicharito,
460'PR' Remyline Un Supreme Luciano,
'PR' Remyline Un Supreme Luciano,
461'PR' Request For Parole,
'PR' Request For Parole,
462'PR' Rhino Jr., Lor's    MYESN
463'PR' Rios' Trouble, JNS Bully Masters'    MYESNL
464'PR' Rivera's Boogie Blue Sayer, Rising Starr's    MYESN
465'PR' Rocko McDaniel Of Lane, Blaze N' Pits'    MYESN
466'PR' Rogue Headcase Of Bluemark,
'PR' Rogue Headcase Of Bluemark,
467'PR' Roman Creed,
'PR' Roman Creed,
468'PR' Ropper Of Sycamore,
'PR' Ropper Of Sycamore,
469'PR' Rowdy Tiger QDL,
'PR' Rowdy Tiger QDL,
470'PR' Roxie Kamakana Ani,
'PR' Roxie Kamakana Ani,
471'PR' Rumor Crader,
'PR' Rumor Crader,
472'PR' Rumor Has It Butch the Bulldog,
'PR' Rumor Has It Butch the Bulldog,
473'PR' Sadie Marie,
'PR' Sadie Marie,
474'PR' Sala, A-Lopburi    FYESN
475'PR' Sandee Mocacheneo,
'PR' Sandee Mocacheneo,
476'PR' Sapphire, SCP    FYESN
477'Pr' Sapphire Aquino,
'Pr' Sapphire Aquino,
478'PR' Sapphire Blue Myers,
'PR' Sapphire Blue Myers,
479'PR' Sassy Sasha Marie,
'PR' Sassy Sasha Marie,
480'PR' Shadow Box,
'PR' Shadow Box,
481'PR' Shadow Live, Live Pit Bulls'    MYESN
482'PR' Shaq Attack Rutherford One,
'PR' Shaq Attack Rutherford One,
483'PR' Sharkline's Nacho, Thompson's Fawn PitBulls'    MYESN
484'PR' Shasta Baby Forbes,
'PR' Shasta Baby Forbes,
485'PR' Shebly Tipper Kennels,
'PR' Shebly Tipper Kennels,
486'PR' Sherah Smith II,
'PR' Sherah Smith II,
487'PR' Shorty Blue Angel,
'PR' Shorty Blue Angel,
488'PR' Showcase Blue Zakya,
'PR' Showcase Blue Zakya,
489'PR' Silky Thomas,
'PR' Silky Thomas,
490'PR' Silver Sapphire Sassy Lassy,
'PR' Silver Sapphire Sassy Lassy,
491'PR' Silver Winged Piranha,
'PR' Silver Winged Piranha,
492'PR' Simply Stupendous, (NR) Cuadra's    FYESN
493'PR' Sir Duke Bear,
'PR' Sir Duke Bear,
494'PR' Sir Harley Williams I,
'PR' Sir Harley Williams I,
495'PR' Sister Do Good,
'PR' Sister Do Good,
496'PR' Smash Jr,
'PR' Smash Jr,
497'PR' Smokey Dominguez,
'PR' Smokey Dominguez,
498'PR' Socks Amin E.D.,
'PR' Socks Amin E.D.,
499'PR' Sombra "Azul" Ani,
'PR' Sombra "Azul" Ani,
500'PR' Son Of Smash Hippo,
'PR' Son Of Smash Hippo,
501'PR' Sophia Abbigail Stewart,
'PR' Sophia Abbigail Stewart,
502'PR' South Coast Sable Shawna,
'PR' South Coast Sable Shawna,
503'PR' Southern Dixie Bell,
'PR' Southern Dixie Bell,
504'PR' Spooky Tooth, Lewis'    FYESN
505'PR' Spy J Hernandez,
'PR' Spy J Hernandez,
506'PR' SS Rocky,
SS Rocky,
'PR' SS Rocky,
507'PR' Stack's Blackledge, Iowa Blue Pits'    MYESN
508'PR' Star Munoz,
'PR' Star Munoz,
509'PR' Starr Hogan,
'PR' Starr Hogan,
510'PR' Steel City Chipper,
'PR' Steel City Chipper,
511'PR' Steel City's King Sire, Barnes'    MYESNL
512'PR' Steelcity's Angelus Angel Tank, Pedley's    MYESN
513'PR' Storm King,
'PR' Storm King,
514'PR' Stormbringer II, Hobb's    MYESN
515'PR' Sumo Loya,
'PR' Sumo Loya,
516'PR' Superior Blue Mountain,
'PR' Superior Blue Mountain,
517'PR' Sushi, Patriot    FYESNR
518'PR' Talula Rojas Braman Kennels,
'PR' Talula Rojas Braman Kennels,
519'PR' Talula Rojas Braman Kennels,
'PR' Talula Rojas Braman Kennels,
520'PR' Tanjia Rae,
'PR' Tanjia Rae,
521'PR' Taun'a Blue,
'PR' Taun'a Blue,
522'PR' Tazmainean Devil,
'PR' Tazmainean Devil,
523'PR' Tesla Marie,
'PR' Tesla Marie,
524'PR' The Bullies Edge Sophie Of GCB,
'PR' The Bullies Edge Sophie Of GCB,
525'PR' The Infamous,
'PR' The Infamous,
526'PR' The Messiah, Exotic Bully's    FYESN
527'PR' The Mighty Maxamillion Ruelas,
'PR' The Mighty Maxamillion Ruelas,
528'PR' The Peoples Champ, Newstar's    MYESN
529'PR' The Savage Of Motown Kennels,
'PR' The Savage Of Motown Kennels,
530'PR' Tia Chrome,
'PR' Tia Chrome,
531'PR' Tiger Toro Twister,
'PR' Tiger Toro Twister,
532'PR' Titus Cali BullyPits,
'PR' Titus Cali BullyPits,
533'PR' To Legit To Quit,
'PR' To Legit To Quit,
534'PR' Tootsie Roll,
'PR' Tootsie Roll,
535'PR' Top Notch,
'PR' Top Notch,
536'PR' Tornado Martinez,
'PR' Tornado Martinez,
537'PR' Tri Teabiscuit Roberson,
'PR' Tri Teabiscuit Roberson,
538'PR' Trifectas Hazel, Tri Boss'    FYESNL
539'PR' Trina Da Baddest Bitch,
'PR' Trina Da Baddest Bitch,
540'PR' Triple D's,
'PR' Triple D's,
541'PR' Trixie Of NLB,
'PR' Trixie Of NLB,
542'PR' TSO-T-Tank Rolex,
'PR' TSO-T-Tank Rolex,
543'PR' Turbo Diesel,
'PR' Turbo Diesel,
544'PR' Tyson Camelot Wiilliams,
'PR' Tyson Camelot Wiilliams,
545'PR' UBK's King Louie, Noble's    MYESNL
546'PR' Uli Kaikamahine,
'PR' Uli Kaikamahine,
547'PR' Vicious Munoz,
'PR' Vicious Munoz,
548'PR' Villia Sancho Diaz,
'PR' Villia Sancho Diaz,
549'PR' Violet Voodoo,
'PR' Violet Voodoo,
550'PR' Winona Pearl Winnie Mars,
'PR' Winona Pearl Winnie Mars,
551'PR' Wishbone Blueblood,
'PR' Wishbone Blueblood,
552'PR' Yahzi Of OBK,
'PR' Yahzi Of OBK,
553'PR' Zerelda James Lop,
'PR' Zerelda James Lop,
554'PR' Ziggy Stardust,
'PR' Ziggy Stardust,
555'PR' Zippo, Red Barn Bullies'    MYESN
556'PR' Zoey, Simply Southern's    FYESNL
557'PR' Zues The Beast Of Bullys 4 Life,
'PR' Zues The Beast Of Bullys 4 Life,
Total Names : 557