Individual List

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Individuals with surname I.
1I Aint Mad At Cha, Eazoer Edge    FYESN
2I Am No Angel, Braveheart's    FYESN
3I Can Fly, Ablepaws'    MYESN
4I Have A Passion For Christ, Charelle's    FYESNL
5I Hope I'm Edge, Dunbar's    FYESNR
6I Know What Boys Like, BNB's    FYESNR
7I'm A Blueberry, (NR) Cirkle C's    FYESN
8I'm A Dandy, Grimes'    FYESN
9I'm A Diva, Rambo's    FYESNR
10I'm A Doozy Too, 'CH' MGK's    FYESNR
11I'm A Freckle Too, (NR) Thunderdome's    FYESN
12I'm A Hela Cuteness, Jessica Super Dogs'    FYESNR
13I'm a Jewel, Sutherland's
I'm A Jewel, Sutherland's Merle's
14I'm A Jewel, Sutherland's Merle's
I'm a Jewel, Sutherland's
15I'm A Wheezer, 'CH' Mount Shire's    MYESN
16I'm All That, Brown's    FYESN
17I'm Ona Journey, Sutherland's Merle's    FYESN
18I'm Sassy Too, Pickett Pride    FYESN
19I'm So Lucky, Do Good's    MYESN
20I'm Too Sexy, 'PR' Eurythmic's    MYESN
21I'm Unique, (NR) Brookside's    FYESN
22I'ma Knock U Out Tyson, TSO's    MYESNR
23I Psyched Ya, Sutherland Kennels'    FYESN
24I'sis, Mejores Perros'    FYESNR
25I've Got Da' Blues, (NR) Weaver's    FYESNR
26Ian, (NR)    MYESN
27Ibiza, Opalinski's    FYESNR
28Ibizza, Triple K's    FYESN
29Ibn Beard, Aziz Dogz'    MYESNR
30Ica Baby, Hawthorne's    FYESNR
31Icasiano's Kandi Blue, Diego's    FYESN
Ice, KyngSkull's
39Ice 5150, 'PR' Dela Cruz'    MYESN
40Ice, (NR)    MYESNR
41Ice, (NR)    MYESNR
42Ice, (NR) Aspenview's    MYESNR
43Ice, (NR) Brown's
Ice, 'PR' Brown's
44Ice, (NR) Green's    MYESN
45Ice, 'PR' Brown's
Ice, (NR) Brown's
46Ice, 'PR' Graham's    MYESN
47Ice, 'PR' Jimenez'   FYESYES
48Ice, Bang'n Bullies'    MYESNL
49Ice, Bednorz'    MYESNR
50Ice, Botha's    FYESN
51Ice, Brinson's    MYESNR
52Ice, Brooks'    MYESNL
53Ice, Bullock's    MYESNR
54Ice, Burns'    FYESN
55Ice, Charmant's    FYESN
56Ice, D and B Kennels'    FYESN
57Ice, Daniels'    MYESNR
58Ice, Davis'    MYESNL
59Ice, Doyle's    FYESN
60Ice, Eller's    MYESNR
61Ice, Fuentes-Johnson's    FYESNR
62Ice, Gibbs'    MYESNL
63Ice, Gomez'    MYESN
64Ice, Holmes'    FYESNR
65Ice, Hunt's    FYESN
66Ice, Jackson's    MYESNL
67Ice, KyngSkull's
68Ice, Lots Of Trouble Pit Bulls'    MYESNR
69Ice, Minter's    MYESNR
70Ice, Pitt Bull Forever's    MYESNR
71Ice, Plol61 Kennel's    MYESNR
72Ice, Quigley's    FYESNR
73Ice, Starnes'    MYESNL
74Ice, Taylor's Kennel's    MYESNR
75Ice, Vinson's    FYESNR
76Ice, Warner's    MYESNR
77Ice, West's    MYESNL
78Ice, Yancey's    MYESN
79Ice Block-Unit, MK-GPK    MYESN
80Ice Blue Lady, (NR) 'PR' Farouts    FYESN
81Ice Blue Wolbert, Youman's    FYESN
82Ice Blue York, (NR) Lindsey's    FYESN
83Ice Cold, Bennett Blue Bullies'    FYESNL
84Ice Cold, RE-Renteria's    FYESN
85Ice Cole, South Georgia PitBull & Bully's    FYESNL
86Ice Cream Soda, Trevino's    FYESN
87Ice Cube, Mal Kant    MYESNR
88Ice Day, (NR) Cage's    FYESN
89Ice Day, Southern Kennel's    MYESN
90Ice Hunter, Trap House's    MYESNL
91Ice Man,
Ice Man,
92Ice Man, (NR) Pope's    MYESNR
93Ice Man, Tatonka's    MYESN
94Ice Of Bull City, Ultimate Blues'    FYESN
95Ice Pick, LNB    MYESN
96Ice Princess, (NR) Hall's   FYESYES
97Ice Princess, Prides    FYESN
98Ice Princess, Sanchez'    FYESNR
99Ice Princess, Youman's    FYESN
100Ice So Of Buddha,
Ice So Of Buddha,
101Ice Storm, (NR) Jake's    FYESN
102Ice T, (NR) Taylor's    MYESN
103Ice-Tea, Rogers'    FYESNL
104Iceberg, Dickey's    MYESNL
105Iceberg, Going Light    MYESN
106Iceberg, Norman's    MYESNL
107Iceberg, W. Martins    MYESNR
108Iceberg Maker, Diesel's    MYESN
109Iceberg Of Asylum Bullies, Hubcity    MYESNR
110Iced Mocha, Razorsedge    FYESN
111Icee, Engaged K9s'    FYESNR
112Icee, Jon-Powell Kennels'    MYESNR
113Icee, Locklear's    FYESN
114Icee, Rock's    FYESNR
115Icee, South Park Bipolar Pits'    FYESNL
116Iceist, D & D Kennels'    FYESNR
117Iceman, (NR) Rocca's    MYESNR
118Iceman, LZ Kennels'    MYESNR
119Iceman, Mikell's    MYESN
120Iceman, Nawrocki's    MYESN
121Icerberg Slim, (NR) Perdue's    FYESN
122Ices De La O,
Ices De La O,
123Icesis, Bates'    FYESNR
124Icesis, Marsh's    MYESNL
125Icesis, Really Real Pits'    FYESNL
126Icesis, Royster's    FYESNL
127Icesis, Summers'    FYESNR
128Icess, Bullyranch's    FYESN
129Icess, Tandem Kennels'    FYESNR
130Icey, (NR)    FYESNR
131Iceyblue Of Showstyles, Dalinkwents    FYESN
132Ichiban #1, 'PR' Gottiline's    MYESN
133Icis, Iced Out Bullies'    FYESNL
134Icky, Blues Clues Pits'    MYESNL
135Icon, South Eastern's    MYESNL
136Icon Singleton, (NR) Sanchez'    MYESN
137Icy, Sargee's    FYESNR
138Icy Blue, Pits Playground's    FYESN
139Icy Dee And Lee, J & D Lowery's    FYESNR
140Ida Red, Hemphill's    FYESNR
141Ida Red, White bandit's    FYESNR
142Ideal, 'PR' Beau    FYESN
143Idgie, Wildside's    FYESN
144Idi Amin, Uptown's    MYESN
145Iett, Grunlose's    FYESNR
146If Looks Could Kill Chanel, Sunline's    FYESN
147If She's A Dragon, Pratt's-Diego's    FYESN
148IG Sampson Bo,
IG Sampson Bo,
149Igel Chicanos Kora, 'PR'    FYESN
152Iggy, American Made PitBull's    FYESNL
153Iggy, Ratliff's    MYESNL
154Iggy, Stith's    MYESNR
155Iggy Blue Pop, Condra's    MYESN
156Iggy Girl, Brazier Kennels'    FYESNR
157Igor, (NR) Kunc's    MYESN
158Igore, (NR) Wildside's    MYESNR
159Ihop Of LFB, 908's    MYESN
160II Baci De Morte,
II Baci De Morte,
161II Billy Steel, Whiz bang's    MYESN
162Ikaika, (NR) Chaco's    MYESNR
163Ikaika, Ellis'    MYESNR
164Ikaika, Ioane's    MYESN
167Ike, 'NTL GRCH' Booker's    MYESN
168Ike, Baccus'    MYESNL
169Ike, Boudreaux'    MYESN
170Ike Nodare Von Shaw,
Ike Nodare Von Shaw,
171Ikeus, (NR) Reed's    MYESN
172Ilio-Uakea Tai, Price's    MYESN
173Ilka vom Wartturm,
Ilka vom Wartturm,
174Illest Pitbull In A Dress, HBK’s    FYESNR
175Illicits Get R Done, (NR) 'PR' Nemo's    MYESN
176Illinois, (NR) Hix's    FYESNR
177Illmatik On Da Throne Pf VAPHB,
Illmatik On Da Throne Pf VAPHB,
178Illuminati, IB's    FYESNR
179Illusion, 'PR' Dominion's    FYESN
180Ilma, Pikos'    FYESNL
181Ils Ont De L'Allure, 2Aka    FYESNR
182Ilsa, Wallace's    FYESN
183Im A Diva, Dawg Pound Bullyz    FYESN
184Im All In Gambler, King Kongs    MYESN
185Im Ur Mans Sancha, Razors Edge    FYESN
186Ima' Kaine II, Smoky Mtn.'s    MYESN
187Ima's Nightmare, Bravestars    MYESN
188Ima Stetson, Surestaff    MYESN
189Ima Sure Thing, Cloverhills    MYESN
190Ima Top Dogg, (NR) Chapa's    MYESN
191Ima Tri Lexi, 'PR' Ablepaws-Pit Crews
Ima Trilexi, Ablepaws-Pit Crews
192Ima Trilexi, Ablepaws-Pit Crews
Ima Tri Lexi, 'PR' Ablepaws-Pit Crews
193Image of Gaff's Bella, (NR) York's    FYESN
194Image Of Rebel Jo, (NR) 'GrCh' Victorino's    MYESN
195Imagination, Young Moneys    MYESN
196Imanix Cheyenne, Stockdale's    FYESN
197Imanix Jnco, Stockdale's    FYESN
198Ime Sweet But Don't Test Me, Jade    FYESNR
199Imeral, Zotic's    FYESNL
200Imma Kosmic Blue Bombshell,
Imma Kosmic Blue Bombshell,
201Immaculite Riot, (NR) Myers'    FYESN
202Immo Kombo Action Alet,
Immo Kombo Action Alet,
203Immortal King Kong, Bogg's    MYESN
204Imoya, PA's    FYESNR
205Impact Of Weedoo, Goldlines    MYESN
206Imperator Ils On De L'Allure,
Imperator Ils On De L'Allure,
207Imperial High Finance, Intrepid's    FYESN
208Imperial Jewel, Intrepid's    FYESN
209Imperial Mocha, Powerbuilt    FYESN
210Imposantdog, (NR) Donnybrook    MYESNR
211Impressive Victoria Gotti,
Impressive Victoria Gotti,
212Imu by Ellis EXTR, Ellis'    MYESN
214In The Woods, Silks    FYESNR
215In Tricolor, Buli World Bullys    MYESN
216In Tricolor, Cherry World Bullys    FYESN
217In'Ya Face, Stephens'    MYESN
218Ina Blue Dream Nauti, Razors Edge    FYESN
219Ina Blue Dream Nautica, Razor's Edge    FYESN
220Inbred Red, Bradley's    FYESN
223Incredible Blue Hulk, Pharoah's    FYESN
224Incredible Hulk,
Incredible Hulk,
225Incredible Hulk, 'PR' Makaveli's    MYESN
226Incredible Hunk, Rock Solid's    MYESN
227Incredible Pits Tweety Bird, Griner's    FYESN
228Indaruf Of Infinity, Diamond    FYESN
229Independence Day, Patriots    MYESNR
230Independence Of Tko, Tara's    FYESN
231Independent, Eminents    FYESN
232Indi, Blu Magic's    MYESNR
233Indi, Taylor's-Wilder's    MYESNL
234Indi, TMG's    FYESNR
236India, (NR) 'PR' Powerline's    FYESN
237India, BiggerThanLife Bully's    FYESNL
238India, Duggan Pit Bulls'    FYESN
239India, S. Callejas'    FYESNR
240India Bolio, (NR) Cain's    FYESNR
241India Princess Of Red Canon, BFK's    FYESN
242Indian Baby Spike,
Indian Baby Spike,
243Indian Bolio, Patrick's    MYESN
244Indian Bull, (NR) Hook's    MYESNR
245Indian Creek Blue Willow, Jo-Lin    FYESNR
246Indian Mister,
Indian Mister,
247Indian Moon, Williams'    MYESN
248Indian Paintbrush, Cloverhills    FYESN
249Indian Princess, Ashs    FYESN
250Indian Rocky, Millers    MYESN
251Indiana, K&D Kennels'    FYESNR
252Indiana Baby Face, 'PR' Blaze Blues    FYESN
253Indiana Grace, Willis'    FYESN
254Indianapolis, Roberts'    FYESN
255Indica, (NR) Ortiz'    FYESN
256Indica, 'PR' Camelot Pits'    FYESN
257Indica, Berardi's    MYESNL
258Indica, Creek Bank Blue's    FYESN
259Indica, Leonidus Kennels'    FYESN
260Indica, Leyh's    FYESN
261Indica, Wakeley's    FYESNL
262Indica Ontiveros,
Indica Ontiveros,
263Indie, Wratten's    FYESNL
264Indiglo Blu Lagoon, Polk's    FYESN
265Indigo, (NR) Pro Ball's    FYESN
266Indigo, Bayless'    MYESNL
267Indigo, Bully Babe's Kennel & Training Center 's    FYESNR
268Indigo, Xtra-Ordinary's    FYESNR
269Indigo Blue, (NR) Madison's    FYESNR
270Indigo Blue, Trueblues    FYESN
271Indio, (NR) Valenzuelas'    MYESN
272Indio, J.Q. & Co's    MYESN
274Indo, (NR)    MYESNR
275Indo, Coffey's    MYESN
276Indo, Me Burton's    MYESNL
277Indo, Oneal's Blues'    MYESNR
278Indo Blue, (NR) Funk's    MYESNR
279Indo Rufus, Hammond & Ryan's    MYESN
280Indo Williams, (NR)    MYESNR
281Indoan Rock, Arce's    MYESN
282Indonesha, Potter's    FYESN
284Indy, Fox's    FYESN
285Indy, J&Q's    FYESN
286Ines De Irema Curto,
Ines De Irema Curto,
287Infamous, Rock Stream's   FYESYESR
288Infamous Babyface, Rock Stream's    FYESN
289Infamous Biloxiblue Skreamin,
Infamous Biloxiblue Skreamin,
290Infamous Deuce, Brenner's    MYESNR
291Infamous Ecko, 'PR' Sactowns    MYESN
292Infamous Felony, 'PR' Oats Boy'z   FYESYES
293Infamous Gangsta, Johnson's 'PR'    MYESNL
294Infamous Ice Storm, Moore's    FYESN
295Infamous Kanya, Biloxiblue    FYESN
296Infamous Knotty Dread, Razorsedge
Knotty Dread, Razorsedge Infamous
297Infamous Lil Bit Of Mischief,
Infamous Lil Bit Of Mischief,
298Infamous Lil Girl,
Infamous Lil Girl,
299Infamous Ray Lewis,
Infamous Ray Lewis,
300Inferno, Cooper's    MYESN
301Infinity, (NR) Montiel's    FYESN
302Infinity, 'PR' C-Notes    FYESNR
303Ingram 1st, Aries-Platinum Blue    MYESN
304Iniki, Lasho's    FYESN
305Ink, Pacheco's    FYESN
306Inkbk Chocolate Zeus, Ink Boi's    MYESNL
307Inky, Wood's    FYESN
308Inky Colby, (NR) Guy's    FYESNR
309Inky Fox Pride, Destroyer Kennel's    MYESN
310Inland Empire Primo, (NR) Wood's    MYESN
311Inlaws Passion, Dalikwent    FYESN
312Inmate, 'PR' Pharoah's    MYESN
313Inmenente, Patrick's    MYESN
314Inna Blue Lagoon, Razors Edge    FYESN
315Inna Rage, Razors Edge    FYESN
316Innocent Felon, 'PR' Royalty's    MYESN
317Insane, (NR) Earp's    MYESN
318Insane Jr., (NR) Warren's    MYESN
319Insane Hatchet Man, Landry's    MYESNL
320Insane Hurricane, White's    MYESN
321Insane Jane, 215 Gottiline's    FYESN
322Insane Sadie, Cagle's    FYESN
323Insane Zane, Mellein's    MYESNR
324Insector, (NR) Pachacamac Kennel's    FYESNR
325Insp. H. Calahan, (NR) Niblett's    MYESNR
326Insta-Gator, 'PR' Mikell's    FYESN
327Instant Karma, Skotnicky's    FYESNL
328Intimidator, Makaveli-MPK's    MYESN
329Intimidator, Payne's    MYESNR
330Intrepid Lady Of Iron H, Apollo's    FYESN
331Invicto, (NR) Patrick's    MYESN
332Invictus, 'PR' Zullou's    MYESN
333Invincible Iceman Of NV, 'PR' Larum's    MYESN
334Invisable Demon,
Invisable Demon,
335Inwa, Tatonka's    FYESN
336Ioka, (NR) Bossio's    FYESNR
337Iolanda Di VIntage, Vignola's    FYESNR
338Iona, 'PR' Davebullies    FYESN
339IPO, Swafford's    FYESN
343Ireland, Lee-Bigg Jiggs    FYESNR
344Irene, Garrett's    FYESN
345Irene, Smale's    FYESNR
346Irene III, White's    FYESN
347Irenea, White's    FYESN
349Irie, Von Riesig's    FYESN
350Irie Blue, Anderson's    FYESNR
351Iries, Jenkins'    FYESNR
352Iris, B.N.P.'s    FYESNL
353Iris, Bentley's    FYESNL
354Iris, Big Dawgs'   FYESYES
355Iris, Brooks'    FYESNL
356Iris, D.F. Kennels    FYESNR
357Iris, Prime Light's    FYESNR
358Iris, Red Cannon Kennels    FYESN
359Iris Daisy Preston, S&R Pits'    FYESNL
360Iris vom Wolfsberg,
Iris vom Wolfsberg,
361Irish Lady Of BDC,
Irish Lady Of BDC,
362Irish Mick, (NR) Mitchell's    MYESNR
363Irish Mint, Rackley's    FYESN
364Irish Mocka, Rackley's    FYESN
365Irish Pagan Prince,
Irish Pagan Prince,
366Irish Stout, Sierras    MYESN
367Irish Warrior, (NR) Cahill's
Danger Zones Irish Warrior,
368Irma, Cardena's    FYESN
369Iroc Torkilla Laddimore,
Iroc Torkilla Laddimore,
370Iron Angel,
Iron Angel,
371Iron Apache, (NR) Norrod's    FYESN
372Iron Apache, Kashouts    MYESNR
373Iron Bear, (NR) Norrod's    MYESN
374Iron Blue Steel-Raven, Dacuma's    FYESN
375Iron Bobcat, (NR) 'CH' Norrod's    MYESNR
376Iron Braddock, (NR) Norrod's    MYESNR
377Iron Bull, (NR) McCluskey's    MYESNR
378Iron Butterfly, (NR) Tryarr    FYESNR
379Iron Canyon Of NLP, Iron Cross'    MYESN
380Iron Cherry, (NR) Reid's    FYESN
381Iron Clutch, Nino's    MYESN
382Iron Cody Of Rhino, Cross'    MYESN
383Iron Duke, (NR) Downing's    MYESN
384Iron Duke, Creed's    MYESN
385Iron Eagle, Edelhaus'    MYESN
386Iron Eyes Cody, (NR) Faragason's    MYESNR
387Iron Fox, (NR) XK-9's    MYESNR
388Iron Gaunlet, Sierra's    MYESN
389Iron Giant Disciple, Iron Cross'
Giant Disciple, (NR) I.C.K.s
390Iron Guardian PitBulls Valkyrie, Iron Cross'    FYESN
391Iron Gunner, (NR) Norrod's    MYESN
392Iron Hide, Mikeland's    MYESN
393Iron Jaws, (NR) 'PR' Dangers Zones    MYESN
394Iron Jaws, (NR) Smallwoods's    MYESN
395Iron Jaws Blue Legacy, 'PR' Opals    FYESN
396Iron Jaws Chaos, (NR) Seller's    FYESN
397Iron Jaws I Am The One,
Iron Jaws I Am The One,
398Iron Josey, (NR) Norrod's    FYESNR
399Iron Koko, (NR) Norrod's    FYESNR
400Iron Lady, Bulls of Crown's    FYESN
401Iron Lady, Creed's    FYESN
402Iron Man, (NR) Tryarr    MYESN
403Iron Man, Doucet's    MYESN
404Iron Man Steel, Relentless'    MYESNR
405Iron Man Triton,
Iron Man Triton,
406Iron Mike, (NR) 'PR' Balboa Bullies    MYESNR
407Iron Mike, Dwyer's    MYESNR
408Iron Mike, Morgan And Drigger's    MYESN
409Iron Mike Tyson,
Iron Mike Tyson,
410Iron Mike Tyson, 'PR' HDK    MYESN
411Iron Mike Tyson, Savidge's    MYESNL
412Iron Mike Tyson, Zullou's    MYESN
413Iron Monkey, 'PR' Ames    FYESNR
414Iron Monster, Sousa's    MYESN
415Iron Nikki, (NR) Norrod's    FYESN
416Iron Peaches, (NR) Norrod's    FYESN
417Iron Polly, (NR) Norrod's    FYESNR
418Iron Pride, Iron Cross'    FYESN
419Iron Princess, (NR) McCluskey's    FYESN
420Iron Queen,
Iron Queen,
421Iron Red Ruby, (NR) Norrod's    FYESN
422Iron Red Uno, Norrod's    MYESNR
423Iron Rhino, Jenkins'    MYESNR
424Iron Sassy, 'PR' Ames    FYESNR
425Iron Sceptor, B.R.E.'s Kennels'    MYESN
426Iron Spike, (NR) Norrod's    MYESN
427Iron Steel, MK    MYESN
428Iron Taffy, (NR) Norrod's    FYESN
429Iron Tank, (NR) Frey's    MYESNR
430Iron Tank, Diehard's    MYESN
431Iron Tony, (NR) Norrod's    MYESN
432Iron Tyson, (NR) Bland's    MYESN
433Iron Tyson, (NR) Dishneau's    MYESN
434Iron Tyson, 'PR' Iron Cross'    MYESN
435Iron Tyson, E & Js Family Pit Bulls'    MYESNL
436Iron Tyson, Vaughn's    MYESN
437Iron Tysson, (NR) Lopez'    MYESNR
438Iron Will, Corvino's    MYESNR
439Iron Willy, Zorro's    MYESN
440Iron Zeke, (NR) Dominic's    MYESN
441Ironhead, Carver's    MYESN
442Ironhead, Phillip's    MYESN
443Ironhead Gator, (NR) Mitchell's    MYESNR
444Ironkast Doshea, 'PR' Lil Egypt's    FYESN
445Ironkast Geovanni, 'PR' Lil Egypt's    MYESN
446Ironman Tyson, OFA Good MGK's    MYESNR
447Ironman Tyson Of MGK, Bailey's-Manstopper's    MYESN
448Ironside, Wilhite's    MYESN
449Ironstar's Sassy, Blue Diamond's    FYESN
451Irvic, Juans    FYESNR
452Isaac, (NR) Carrizales'    MYESNR
453Isabell, Lucas'    FYESNR
454Isabella, (NR) Gottylines    FYESN
455Isabella, Allen's    FYESNL
456Isabella, Brooklyn's Bullies'    FYESNR
457Isabella, Bustos'    FYESNL
458Isabella, ilovepits09's    FYESNR
459Isabella, McClung's    FYESNL
460Isabella Bakala Rogue, Roberts-Raser's    FYESNL
461Isabella Grace, Horne's    FYESNL
462Isabella Jo Stamper,
Isabella Jo Stamper,
463Isabella Manroe, Brickhouse Blues'    FYESNR
464Isabella Nichole, Adams'    FYESNL
465Isabella Of Rosetta, Ark's    FYESN
466Isabella Olivia, Russo Kennels'    FYESNR
467Isabella Pilaire Granger,
Isabella Pilaire Granger,
468Isabella Rose, Bentley's    FYESNL
469Isabelle, B.N.P.'s    FYESNL
470Isabelle Marpole, Blue Ovals    FYESNR
471Isadora, WTX Bulls'    FYESNL
472Isaiah Phillip,
Isaiah Phillip,
473Isha, Williams'    FYESN
474Ishtar Von Cleveland,
Ishtar Von Cleveland,
483Isis, (NR)   FYESYESR
484Isis, (NR)    FYESNR
485Isis, (NR) Dye's    FYESN
486Isis, 'PR' Ironkast    FYESN
487Isis, 'PR' Most Wanted's    FYESN
488Isis, 'PR' Vide's    FYESNR
489Isis, Armstrong's    FYESNL
490Isis, Awalkalongs'    FYESNR
491Isis, Blu Magic's    FYESNL
492Isis, Carrasquillo's    FYESNR
493Isis, Charles'   FYESYES
494Isis, Christensen Kennels'    FYESNL
495Isis, Clavo's    FYESNR
496Isis, Crazynative's    FYESN
497Isis, Faile's    FYESN
498Isis, Fields'    FYESNL
499Isis, Ford's    FYESNL
500Isis, Gaby's    FYESNR
501Isis, Gensis'    FYESNR
502Isis, Green's    FYESNR
503Isis, Heard's    FYESN
504Isis, Holden's    FYESN
505Isis, Holland's House Of Blues'    FYESNR
506Isis, Iron Cross    FYESN
507Isis, Island Kennels'    FYESN
508Isis, Jackson's    FYESNR
509Isis, Jaimes'    FYESNR
510Isis, Johnson's    FYESN
511Isis, Jones'    FYESNL
512Isis, Jones'    FYESNR
513Isis, Kane's Kennels'    FYESNL
514Isis, Kingdom Of Blues'    FYESNL
515Isis, Kruzel's    FYESNL
516Isis, Marleigh's    FYESNR
517Isis, Mealy's    FYESNR
519Isis, Pinkribbonpits'    FYESNL
520Isis, Prout Pups'    FYESNR
521Isis, Queen City Pit Bulls'    FYESNL
522Isis, Sarkas'    FYESNL
523Isis, Snow's    FYESN
524Isis, St. Benedict's    FYESN
525Isis, Sylvester's    FYESNL
526Isis, Tate's    FYESNL
527Isis, Unda Dawg Kennelz'    FYESN
528Isis, Vance's    FYESN
529Isis, Wilford's    FYESNR
530Isis Bane, Berezny's    FYESNL
531Isis Cotour, (NR) 'PR' Court Street Bullies    FYESN
532Isis Ellis, 'PR' 9EK    FYESN
533Isis Of Devil's Den, Wall Street's    FYESN
534Isis Of Relentless, Vernon's    FYESN
535Isis Queen Of The Damned, Soul Reaper's    FYESNR
536Isis Rose, Blue Fever's    FYESNL
537Isis's Dallas, Lund's    FYESNL
538Iska, (NR) Taylor's    FYESN
539Island Boy Shine, Highroller's    MYESN
540Island Girl, Patrick's    FYESNR
541Island Girl Terra, Highroller's    FYESN
542Islas Rose, (NR) Candy's    FYESNR
543Isle Of Jura,
Isle Of Jura,
544Isle Or Jura, New Ayrshire Bulldogs'    FYESN
545Iso, Louisiana Made PitBull's    MYESNR
546Issie Nicole Martinez Sanchez, Sanchaz'    FYESNL
547Isys, (NR) Hart's    FYESNR
548It, Boudreaux'    FYESN
549It Had To Be Holly, 'PR' Marla's    FYESN
551Itali, Pure Beauties'    FYESNL
552Italian Pitdog,
Italian Pitdog,
553Italy, 'PR' Maximus'    FYESN
554Itchy, (NR) Velasquez'   FYESYES
555Iternal Emperial Zues, (NR) 'PR' Crouch's    MYESN
556Its A New Day, (NR) 'PR' Bullymades-Hillboys    FYESN
557Its All About Gotti,
Its All About Gotti,
558Its Miller Time, 'PR' Pit Crews    MYESN
559Itta vom Hirschenrangen,
Itta vom Hirschenrangen,
560Ittai, Kuwada's    MYESNR
561Ittie Bits, Patrick's    FYESN
562Itty, Stone's    FYESNL
563Itty Bitty, Clayton's PitBulls'    FYESNR
564Itty Bitty, Estrada's    FYESN
565Itty Bitty Right Or Wrong, Pierce's    FYESNL
566Itty Blitz, Walker's    FYESN
567Itzia, Bowwow Double SS    FYESN
568Ivan, Huss'    MYESNL
569Ivan, Pit Crew's-CSPK's    MYESN
570Ivan Drago, (NR) Bang's    MYESN
575Ivory, (NR) Chan's    FYESNR
576Ivory, (NR) Dek's    FYESNR
577Ivory, (NR) Nunez'    FYESN
578Ivory, (NR) Pam's    FYESN
579Ivory, Cannady's    FYESNR
580Ivory, Cummings'    MYESNL
581Ivory, Fox'    FYESNL
582Ivory, Gruss'    FYESNL
583Ivory, J Adams Kennels'    FYESNR
584Ivory, Munoz'    FYESNR
585Ivory, Pitty Dady's    FYESNL
586Ivory, Wooden's    MYESNL
587Ivory Doll, BBB    FYESN
588Ivory The Lively One, Hayes'    FYESN
589Ivory Whitelady, Spawn Of Evil's    FYESN
590IvoryBlue, Texas Mom's    FYESN
591Ivoryy, Guerino's    FYESNL
595Ivy, A$AP Bulldogs'    FYESNL
596Ivy, Aguilar's    FYESNL
597Ivy, Avalos'    FYESNR
598Ivy, BoMax Bullies's    FYESNL
599Ivy, Clouse's    FYESN
600Ivy, Drayton's    FYESNL
601Ivy, Eastman's    FYESNL
602Ivy, Gollihur's    FYESNL
603Ivy, Grant's    FYESN
604Ivy, Hernandez'    FYESNR
605Ivy, Jenkins'    FYESNL
606Ivy, King Bullie's    FYESNR
607Ivy, King&Queen's    FYESNR
608Ivy, Lyons's    FYESNR
609Ivy, Ok Crossfire's    MYESNR
610Ivy, Razor Bull's    FYESNR
611Ivy, Ruthless'    FYESNL
612Ivy McClure, Ivy McClure Kennels'    FYESNL
613Ivy Payne, Almeraz'    FYESNL
614Ivy Rain, Kdog's    FYESNL
615Iwuz Peterbuilt, Daryl's    MYESN
616Iycess, Blue Ice's    FYESNL
617Iycis, Baldwin's    FYESN
618Iz Russkoi Skazki, Karamel-Venus    FYESNR
619Iz Twerskogo Prestizha, Bolivia    FYESN
620Izabel, Cline-Guy's    FYESNR
621Izac, (NR) Starr's    MYESN
622Izador Lea, (NR) Gibson's    FYESN
623Izra, SK's    FYESN
624Izy Jatana Molina,
Izy Jatana Molina,
625Izza, Smith's    FYESNL
626Izza Bull, American Irondog's    FYESNR
627Izzie Blaze, Train Yard Bullys'    FYESNR
629Izzy, Alexander's    FYESNL
630Izzy, Bailey's    FYESNR
631Izzy, Baileys Kennels'    FYESNL
632Izzy, Beauties From The Beasts'    FYESNR
633Izzy, Extreme Underdogs'    FYESNL
634Izzy, J Mason Purebred's    FYESNL
635Izzy, JA Smith's    FYESNL
636Izzy, Lillie's    MYESNR
637Izzy, Madariaga's    FYESNR
638Izzy, Parr's    FYESNL
639Izzy, Simpson's    FYESNL
640Izzy, Siple's    FYESNL
641Izzy Bella, Gressmen's    FYESNL
642Izzy Belle, Crenshaw's    FYESNL
643Izzy The Poker Face, (NR) Bang's    FYESN
Total Names : 643