Individual List

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Individuals with surname W.
1W.Va. Butt Buster, (NR) Lemaster's   MYESYESR
2Wa Wa, ChiPits'    FYESNL
3Wade, (NR) Mcpherson's    MYESNR
4Wafa', Up-Front's    MYESNL
5Waffle House, 'GRCH' Black Labels    MYESN
6Waffles, Sweet Lines'    MYESNR
7Wagner's Rex, Valley View Bullies'    MYESNL
8Wahoo, Lichniak's    MYESNL
9Wail-On Blitz Waylon, Soggy Bottom's    MYESNR
10Wailin' Willie, (NR) 'GRCH' River Run's    MYESNR
11Waimanalo Blue, (NR) Lacy's    FYESN
12Wait N See, (NR) FFF Bricket    FYESN
13Wakan Tonka Madonna, (NR)    FYESNR
14Wakkie, Storm's    FYESNR
15Waldo, (NR) 'PR' Colby's    MYESN
16Walker, Danneels'    MYESNL
17Walker, Grimes'    MYESNR
18Walker, Shear's Bullies'    MYESNL
19Walker's Barbarian,
Walker's Barbarian,
20Walker's Jax, KY True Blue's   MYESYES
21Wallflower, Eurythmic's    FYESN
22Wallid, DeLima's    MYESNR
23Wally, (NR) 'PR' Knight's    MYESNR
24Wally, Colby's    MYESN
25Wally Of Sumo, A Perfect Pet's    MYESNR
26Walter, Von Riesig's   MYESYES
27Walter White, Avery's    MYESNL
28Wampir, Masniak's    MYESN
29Wanna B A Millionaire, Black's    MYESN
30Wanna Be A Whopper, (NR) Eddington's
Wanna Be A Whopper, Eddington's
31Wanna Be A Whopper, Eddington's
Wanna Be A Whopper, (NR) Eddington's
32Wanna Make Me, Ablepaws'    FYESN
33War, (NR) Hampton's    MYESN
34War Admiral, (NR)    MYESNR
35War Bonnet, (NR) Cahill's   FYESYESR
36War Goddess Atheena, Carter McPherson's    FYESN
37War Horse Mack,
War Horse Mack,
38War Lord, (NR) Fubar's    MYESN
39War Paint, Henderson's    MYESN
40Warbucks, Rupe-Kuehling's    MYESNL
41Warfy, Smith's    MYESNR
44Warlock, 'CH' Adamant    MYESNR
45Warlock, (NR) Hagstrom's    MYESNR
46Warlock, (NR) Vice-Grips    MYESN
47Warlock, Shear's Bullies'    MYESN
48Warlock Cortez, CRK's    MYESNR
49Warlord, Goodlife CityPits    MYESN
50Warlord, Simpsons    MYESN
51Warm Brandy, (NR) Montgomery's    FYESNR
52Warpaint, (NR) Guenther's    FYESNR
53Warpath's Hento Niche, Barton's    MYESNL
54Warren G, Black Labels    MYESN
55Warrior, (NR) Renos'    MYESN
56Warrior, 'PR' Shogun    MYESN
57Warrior, De La Torres'    MYESN
58Warrior, Linville's    MYESNR
59Warrior, Wilder's    MYESNR
60Warrior Cheyenne, (NR) Bezerra's    FYESNR
61Warrior Delano, Goliath's    MYESN
62Warrior Hawk, Minter's    MYESN
63Warrior Princess, (NR)    FYESNR
64Warrior Princess, (NR) Durre's    FYESNR
65Warrior Princess, Aguilar's    FYESNR
66Warrior Princess, McMahan's    FYESN
67Warrior Princess, Warren Kennels'    FYESNR
68Wasabi, Alpunto's    FYESN
69Wasabi, ChainGangs    FYESN
70Wash, Brookside's    FYESNL
71Watch Amigo Of Brison, 'GRCH' 'PR' Lar-Sans    MYESN
73Watchdog Honey, Dunns    FYESN
74Watchem, 'CH' Roll's    MYESN
75Watchtower Acres, Cashis    MYESN
76Watergate Tipit Z Hanky,
Watergate Tipit Z Hanky,
77Watson's Jurassic Layla, Flenoury's    FYESNL
78Watuka Spirit, Cloverhills    MYESN
79Watuka Spirit, Mugleston's    FYESNR
80Wauki, (NR)    FYESNR
81Wayko, Westgate's    MYESN
82Waylon, Coleman's    MYESN
83Waylon, Linn's    MYESNL
84Waylon, Meggs'    MYESNL
85Wayne Kane, Manis'    MYESNL
86Wayne's Cash, Chamber's    MYESNR
88Weapon Of Choice, NBC    FYESN
89Weasle, (NR) Cooper's    MYESNR
90Weasle, Brookover's    MYESNR
91Webb, Morales'    FYESNR
92Webbie, K&C's    MYESNR
93Webster, Short Bus    MYESNR
94Wednesday, Looper's    FYESN
95Wednesday Anne, McCool's    FYESNL
96Wee, STR8-AT-KASH's    FYESN
97Wee Bee, (NR) Gross'    FYESNR
98Wee-z, Miller's   MYESYESR
99Weechumpy, Lenny's    FYESNR
100Weed Wacker, Westside Whoride's    FYESN
101Weehunt, Irish Jerry's    MYESN
102Weeping Willow, Arnold's    FYESNL
103Weezel, Gonzalez'    MYESN
104Weezie Anne, Beach's    FYESNL
106Weezy, Buck's    MYESNR
107Weezy, Richardson's    FYESNR
108Weezy May, Snider's    FYESNL
109Weird Jack, Woodall's    MYESN
110Weirdette, Eppinette's    FYESNR
111Weirdo, (NR) Wildside's    MYESN
112Weirdo, Estudiantes    MYESN
113Weiser, (NR) Massie's    FYESNR
114Welcome 2 The Gorg, Cuttingedge    FYESN
115Welcome To The Edge, Razors Edge    MYESN
116Wendi, Gibson's    FYESN
117Wendy, (NR) Plumber's    FYESN
118Wendy, (NR) Shaw's    FYESN
119Wendy, (NR) Thibodeaux'    FYESN
120Wendy, Cardenas    FYESN
121Wendy, Stacy's    FYESN
122Wenesday, (NR) Mc Cluney's    FYESNR
124Wera, 'PR' Irineo's    FYESN
125Werdo, Long's    MYESN
126Wero, A & A Bully Farm's    MYESN
127Wesson, Cullen's    MYESNR
128Wesson, Lucero's    MYESNL
130West Best Pebbles,
West Best Pebbles,
131West Coast Joe, Sactown's    MYESN
132Westbrooke, Randle's    FYESNR
133Westfalls, TK's    MYESNR
134Westside Prissy,
Westside Prissy,
135Westside's Dice, Carswelll's    MYESNR
136Westside Shadow,
Westside Shadow,
137Wet Dream, Elliot's    FYESN
138Wezeal, Bad Intention's    MYESN
139Whaki Chan, The Kennel River Styx'    FYESNR
140Wham Bam, LHK's    MYESN
141What A Classy Chassis, Surestaff's    FYESN
142What Goes Around Comes Around, Double L's    FYESNL
143What Happens in Vegas, Redline's    FYESN
144Whats Life Without a Lil Drama, Hazardous Bulldogges'    FYESNR
145Wheezy, Mael's    FYESNL
146Whenisten Leeander, Silvers Animals'    MYESNL
147Whip, Boudreaux'    FYESN
148Whip, Jacob's    MYESN
149Whiplash, Goochlines-Kash's    MYESN
151Whiskey, 'CH' Rising Star's    MYESN
152Whiskey, (NR) Brown's    MYESN
153Whiskey II, (NR) Maldonado's    MYESNR
154Whiskey, (NR) Perrone's    MYESNR
155Whiskey, (NR) Siebert's    MYESN
156Whiskey, 'PR' Kirk's    MYESN
157Whiskey, Arce's    MYESN
158Whiskey, Boudreaux'    MYESNR
159Whiskey, Brown's Kennels'    MYESNR
160Whiskey, Cook's    MYESN
161Whiskey, Davila's    MYESNL
162Whiskey, Dominguez'    FYESNR
163Whiskey, Ingrams'    MYESNL
164Whiskey, Khaleesi's Pups'    FYESNR
165Whiskey, Leon's    MYESNL
166Whiskey, Lor's    MYESN
167Whiskey, Sweepea's    FYESNL
168Whiskey Bleu, Stevens'    MYESNR
169Whiskey Carillo,
Whiskey Carillo,
170Whiskey Girl, Coffman's    FYESNL
171Whiskey Red, (NR) Styles'    MYESNR
172Whiskey Rose, Ferguson's    FYESN
173Whiskey Trip'N, Farmer's    FYESNL
174Whiskey Willie, Desautel's    MYESN
175Whisper, Gooch Land Pits    FYESN
176Whisper Of Blue, 'PR' York's    FYESNR
177Whispering Belle, Rock House's    FYESNR
178Whistling Dixie, Stone Mtn    FYESN
179White, Kingston's    FYESN
180White Ace, (NR) Higgins'    MYESN
181White Birch, Lockrey's    FYESNR
182White Blaze, (NR) Ford's    MYESN
183White Boots, Vasquez'    MYESN
184White Boy, (NR) DSK's    MYESN
185White Boy, (NR) Roger's    MYESNR
186White Boy, Duddys Kennels'    MYESNR
187White Boy, Schell's    MYESNR
188White Boy, Stidhum's    MYESN
189White Boy Rick, Que & Bee's    MYESNL
190White Brahma, (NR) Smart's    MYESNR
191White Bull, Clouse's    MYESN
192White Chocolate,
White Chocolate,
193White Chocolate, Destroyer's    FYESN
194White Chocolate, Stan's Way Kennels'    MYESN
195White Cloud, Little Native Indian Blue Bully's    MYESNL
196White Delilah, Williams'    FYESNL
197White Devil, (NR) Lambert's   FYESYESR
198White Diamond, Hunter's    FYESN
199White Diamond, Jenkins' Bully Farm's    FYESN
200White Diamond, Razors Edge    FYESN
201White Diamond, Royal Bloodline    FYESNR
202White Diesel Truck, Thuet's    MYESN
203White Domino, Flextreme Bully Camp's    FYESN
204White Dream Spirit, Falin's    FYESN
205White Foot, Ferguson's    FYESN
206White Foxy Lady, Wilson's    FYESN
207White Girl,
White Girl,
208White Girl, Fat-Max's    FYESN
209White Girl, Josphs    FYESN
210White Girl, Paige's    FYESN
211White Girl, Stratch Masters'    FYESNL
212White Girl, White's Kennels'    FYESNR
213White Gold, GargoylePits    FYESN
214White Head, Samsa's    MYESNR
215White Hennessey, Pit Matters'    FYESNL
216White Hulk,
White Hulk,
217White Ice, (NR) 'PR' Untouchabull's    MYESN
218White Iron Bubba, Nansel's    MYESN
219White Lightin, Kettlewell's    FYESNR
220White Lightning, (NR) Kino's    MYESN
221White Lightning, Hellman's    MYESN
222White Mist, (NR) Johnson's    FYESNR
223White Night, Ablizin's    FYESN
224White Pride, Dansfiell's    MYESN
225White Rage, (NR) 'PR' Crouch's    FYESN
226White Rhino, Ironkast    MYESN
227White Rock Blue Miss, 'CH' McIntyre's    FYESN
228White Rock Brandy Fleming,
White Rock Brandy Fleming,
229White Rock Chasqui, Skrams    MYESN
230White Rock Cristi, Pascoe's    FYESN
231White Rock Flash, Debbie's    FYESN
232White Rock Grover,
White Rock Grover,
233White Rock Handsome Devil,
White Rock Handsome Devil,
234White Rock Lipstick, (NR) 'AKC-CH' Skrams    FYESNR
235White Rock Ox Bomber, Logue's    MYESN
236White Rock Penny, Patton's    FYESN
237White Rock Pepper, Terri's    FYESN
238White Rock Pixie Of Fraja,
White Rock Pixie Of Fraja,
239White Rock Rebel,
White Rock Rebel,
240White Rosie Taylor, Smoking Bully's    FYESNL
241White Russian, Razenkane-IEP's    FYESN
242White Sadie Girl, Mugleston's    FYESN
243White Scarab, Wilson's    FYESNR
244White Shadow, (NR) Harrington's    MYESNR
245White Shadow, (NR) Jennette's    FYESN
246White Snake, P. Kinard's    MYESNR
247White Socks, (NR) Slaydon's    FYESNR
248White Sox, (NR) Tallant's    MYESN
249White Sox, Michael's    MYESN
250White Tempest, (NR) 'PR' Wilhelm's    MYESNR
251White Thunderbird, Casper's    MYESN
252White Tiger, (NR) Blade's    MYESNR
253White Tiger, 'PR' Dragonhart's    MYESN
254White Tramp, Mc Cown's    FYESNR
255White Widow, Hunter's    FYESNL
256White Yankee, (NR) Balkan Boy's    MYESN
258Whiteboy, Hawk's    MYESNR
259Whitehead, (NR) Aycart's    MYESNR
260Whitehead, Holt's    MYESNR
261Whitehead, Smith's    FYESNR
262Whitepath China Black, Pam's    FYESN
263Whiterock Dusty Of Steeltown,
Whiterock Dusty Of Steeltown,
264Whitey, (NR)    MYESNR
265Whitey, (NR) Gottyline HBK    FYESN
266Whitey II, Hall's    MYESNR
267Whitey, Morgan's    FYESN
268Whitey Moors, (NR)    MYESNR
269Whitley Grey, Moten's    FYESNL
270Whitney, Conn's    FYESNR
271Whitney, Krystof's    FYESN
272Whitney, Tamara's    FYESNR
273Whitney Houston, Conrad's    FYESNL
274Whitney Houston, King Kong's    FYESN
275Whity Ann, (NR) Vandy's    FYESNR
276Who, (NR) Jackson's    MYESNR
277Who, Lee's    MYESNL
278Who Dat, Coon Neck Kennel's    MYESNL
279Who Do, (NR) 'CH' J. Carver's    MYESN
280Who's Your Daddy, (NR) BPK-BMP    MYESN
281Who Want Some Dibo, (NR) Patton's   MYESYES
282Whodini, Salt City Bullies'    MYESN
283Whole Lotta Rosie, Ren-Scot's    FYESN
284Whoopie, Boudreaux'    FYESN
285Why, (NR) Boudreaux'    FYESN
286Why, Villarreal's    MYESN
287Whyee Isso, Furlow's    MYESN
288Whyte Boi, Perkins'    MYESNL
289Wicho, Aldana's    MYESN
290Wick, Montoya's    MYESNL
291Wick J, Brown's Bully Kamp's    MYESNL
293Wicked, (NR) R.E.O.'s    MYESN
294Wicked, Garner & TVK's    MYESN
295Wicked, Roseland's    FYESN
296Wicked, Webb's    FYESNL
297Wicked Athena, Eilers'    FYESNL
298Wicked Awesome, Wicked's    MYESN
299Wicked Blu Meenu,
Wicked Blu Meenu,
300Wicked Blue Gator, Iron Jaws    MYESN
301Wicked Blue Lady, Ferrell's    FYESN
302Wicked Dog, Baltazar's    FYESN
303Wicked Giesha Girl Of BHK,
Wicked Giesha Girl Of BHK,
304Wicked Lady, Mystic Blues'    FYESNR
305Wicked Lil' Swagger, Southern Accent's    MYESN
306Wicked Of MDB's, 'PR' McBullz    MYESN
307Wicked Rhino Of Brickhse, Morales'    MYESNR
308Wicked’s Cymric, Spansail's    MYESNL
309Wicked's Patina, Gatt's    FYESNL
310Wicked Sativa Of WCBP, BPK    FYESN
311Wicked Sexy Sancha,
Wicked Sexy Sancha,
312Wicked Touch Of Sage, Starrs    FYESN
313Wicked Vixen, WMR's    FYESN
314Wicked Wanda, (NR) Rebel's    FYESNR
315Wicked Willie, (NR) Lane's    MYESN
316Wicked Willie, Clemmons    MYESNR
317Wicked Willow, Triple Threats'    FYESNR
318Wickie, (NR)    FYESN
320Widow, Lopez & Polasek's    FYESNR
321Widow Maker, Hawkin's    MYESNR
322Widow Of Blue King,
Widow Of Blue King,
323Widow Women, Chaos'    FYESN
324Widowmaker, (NR) Summerlin's    FYESN
325Widowmaker, Wildside's    FYESN
326Wife's Regret, (NR) Punchline's    MYESNR
327Wifey Ortiz, Figueroa's    FYESNR
328Wiggins' Sahara Blue, Banks Big Pit Bulls'   FYESYES
330Wiggles2, Carrolls    FYESN
331Wiggles, Bradley's    FYESN
332Wiggles, Carrolls    FYESNR
333Wiggles, Chavis'    FYESN
334Wiggles II, Crews'    FYESN
335Wiggles, Riggs'    FYESNR
336Wiiman Of NEB, 'PR' R&K's    MYESN
337Wikie, (NR) G-N-H's    FYESN
338Wilbur, Chavis'    MYESN
339Wild Angel Of Braveheart, Strick's    FYESN
340Wild Bad Boy, (NR) Rice's   MYESYESR
341Wild Bill, (NR) 'CH' Mike & Don's    MYESN
342Wild Bleu Boy, Matteson's Catahoula & CataBulls'    MYESNL
343Wild Blue Cody, Howard's    MYESN
344Wild Blue Cody, Torres    MYESN
345Wild Blue Oso, Brickhouse Blues'    FYESNL
346Wild Boy Joker, Teresa's    MYESN
347Wild Boys Bo Didalee, Smoky Mtn.'s    FYESN
348Wild Card, (NR) Sultan's    MYESN
349Wild Cherry, (NR) Garner's    FYESN
350Wild Child, (NR) Thompson's    FYESN
351Wild Child, Arkansas Blue Blood's    FYESNL
352Wild Fire, (NR) Redline's    FYESNR
353Wild Jack, Brookside's    MYESN
354Wild Magnolia AKA Nolia, (NR) Makaveli's    FYESN
355Wild Major, Wimberley's    MYESN
356Wild Squaw, O'Neill's    FYESNR
357Wild Thing, (NR) Gliielan's    FYESN
358Wild Thing, (NR) Hermes'    FYESNR
359Wild Thing, Rodriguez'    FYESN
360Wild Woman, (NR) Sorrells'    FYESN
361Wildcard, Whiterocks    MYESN
362Wilder Magoo, (NR) High's    MYESN
363Wilder Miss X, Wood's    FYESN
364Wilder Red Inferno II, Wood's    MYESN
365Wilder Red Wildfire, (NR) Wood's    FYESNR
366Wildest Dream, Oakdale's    FYESN
367Wildfire, (NR) Jesi's    FYESNR
368Wildfire, (NR) Perez'   FYESYESR
369Wildfire, (NR) Redline's    FYESNR
370Wildfire, Kennedy's    FYESNR
371Wildfire, My Pryde's    FYESNR
372Wildfire, Trapper John's    FYESNR
373Wildfire Of Harper, 'AKC CH' Patton's    FYESN
374Wildflower's Queenie, Nelson's    FYESNL
375Wildside, Huff's    MYESN
376Wildwind Trix, Knowlwood    FYESN
378Wilhe Make It, (NR) E's 'A-A IV'    MYESNR
379Will, Mau Mau's    MYESN
380Willard, (NR)    MYESNR
381Willempie, (NR) K Botha's    MYESNR
382William Goliath II,
William Goliath II,
383Williams Bull, 'PR' Razors Edge    MYESN
384Williams Hazel, Edwards'    FYESNR
385Willie, (NR) Patterson's    MYESN
386Willie, Martins Martians'    MYESNR
387Willie, Wildside's    MYESN
388Willie D, (NR) Pit Weight's    MYESN
389Willie Diesel, CRK's    MYESN
390Willie Steele, Barstow's    MYESNL
391Willie Wonka,
Willie Wonka,
392Willie Wonka, Bailey & Sommers    MYESNR
393Willimag Killer Man, Lacharite's    MYESNL
394Willimag Tonka, (NR) Garneau's    FYESN
395Willlie, Harper's    MYESNL
396Willow, (NR) Ferguson's    MYESN
397Willow, Envy Us    FYESN
398Willow, Hafford's    FYESNR
399Willow, Hayes'    FYESN
400Willow, Hissong's    FYESNR
401Willow, K&R's    FYESNR
402Willow, Mitchell's Pittiful Addiction's    FYESNL
403Willow, Nevarez'    FYESNR
404Willow, Reed's    FYESN
405Willow, Vetzel's    FYESNR
406Willow Anne, Evans'    FYESNL
407Willow Matilda, White's    FYESNL
408Willow Whipper, Losee's    FYESNL
409Willows Rebel, (NR) Rebels Pits'    FYESNR
410Willy, Hollingworth's    MYESN
411Willy, Viking Boy's    MYESN
412Willy Roscoe, 'PR' Santos'    MYESN
413Willynwood Goldy, Topstaff    FYESN
414Willynwood Pita, (NR) Whitrock's    FYESNR
415Wilma, (NR) Galveston's    FYESNR
416Wilma, (NR) Pope's   FYESYES
417Wilma III, Cherokee Kennels    FYESN
418Wilma, Rising Star's    FYESN
419Wilrox Texas Tornado, 'GRCH' 'Pr' Lar-San's    FYESN
420Wilson, Salty Dog's    MYESNR
421Win, Hernandez'    MYESN
422Winchester, Flightstarz'    MYESNL
423Wind & Fire, (NR) Jennette's    FYESNR
424Wind Walker, Barson's    MYESNR
425Windy, (NR) Milliner's    FYESNR
426Windy Girl, Mike's    FYESN
427Wink, (NR) Pit Stop's    FYESN
428Wink, Cude's    FYESNR
429Wink Wink, Tatum's    FYESNL
430Winkey, Boudreaux's    FYESN
431Winkin Winkie, Russell's    MYESNL
432Winky, Zoeller's    FYESN
433Winn Dixie, (NR) Ayer's    FYESNR
434Winnie, (NR) Colby's    FYESN
435Winnie, Angels    FYESN
436Winnie, Ziraschi's    FYESNL
437Winnie Brown, J.L.B. Island Pits'    FYESNR
439Winona, Beach Bullies'   FYESYESR
440Winsome Ways, 'CH' Diamond's    FYESN
441Winston, Musselman's    MYESNL
442Winston, North Florida Alapaha's    MYESN
443Winston, Texas English Bulldogs'    MYESNR
444Winston, Winston's   MYESYESR
445Winston, Working Bully's    MYESNR
446Winter, Bellish's    FYESNR
447Winter, Bluford Bloodline's    FYESNL
448Winter, Davis's Kennel Association's    FYESNL
449Winter, MBK's    FYESNL
450Winter, Navarro's    FYESNR
451Winter, Winter's    FYESNR
452Winter Eclipse, Edisons    FYESN
453Winter Faith, Waddle Kennels'    FYESNR
454Winter Isis, Charm Citi Kennels'    FYESNL
455Winter Storm 2006, RPK's    FYESN
456Winter Storm, Holland's    FYESN
457Winter Storm, Redstick's    FYESNR
458Wintrop Bobo, (NR) Dominoe's    MYESN
459Winwood Hi-D-Hi, (NR) Sindelar's    FYESN
460Wisdom, Epps'    FYESN
461Wise Princess, Diamond E's    FYESNR
462Wish Bone, (NR) Clark's    MYESN
463Wish Bone, Sullivan's    FYESN
464Wish Come True, Aaron's    FYESNR
465Wishbone, Baldwin Kennel's    MYESNR
466Wishbone, Cervantes'    MYESN
467Wishes, (NR) Baez'    FYESN
468Wishes, Baytown's Whatley's    FYESN
469Witch II, William's    FYESN
470With A Kodak, 'CH' Wilson's Kojak    MYESN
471Without A Doubt, Kimmar's    MYESN
472Wizard, (NR) King's    MYESNR
473Wizard, West Texas Top Notch Pit Bulls'    MYESNR
474Wizard Conan, Kemo's    MYESN
475Wizard Daniel, Patton's    MYESN
476Wizard Gator, 'GRCH' Kinder's    MYESN
477Wizard Myriah, Kemo's    FYESN
478Wizard Of Oz, King's    MYESNL
479Wizzard, Neal-Lindsey's Southern PitBulls'    MYESNR
480Woe'dy, Stewart Star Bulls'    MYESNL
481Wojo, (NR) Harris'    MYESNR
482Wolf, Krstic's    MYESNL
483Wolf River Buck, Go Go's    MYESNR
484Wolfer, (NR) Carver's    MYESNR
485Wolfman, Jackson's    MYESN
486Wolverine, Watchdog's    MYESN
487Wolverine, X-Men Poon    MYESN
488Women Coleman,
Women Coleman,
489Wonder, Rodriguez'    FYESNR
490Wonder Girl, Sheva    FYESN
491Wonder Woman, Patrick's    FYESN
492Wonder Woman, Top Quality Bullies    FYESN
493Wonder Women, Primus'    FYESNR
494Wonton, End of Days'    MYESNL
495Woo, (NR) Mc Cluney's    FYESNR
496Woo, (NR) Pope's Woo    FYESN
497Woodfoest Blu Dragonviper,
Woodfoest Blu Dragonviper,
498Woodfoest I'm Bewitched,
Woodfoest I'm Bewitched,
499Woodforest EZ Out Of The Blue,
Woodforest EZ Out Of The Blue,
500Woodforest EZ Superdott,
Woodforest EZ Superdott,
501Woodforest Mojo Dragon,
Woodforest Mojo Dragon,
502Woodie, Garner's    MYESN
503Woodie Wood, Rivera's    MYESNL
504Woods Snuggle, Patriotic Pits'    FYESN
505Woodstock, Lopez'    MYESNL
506Woody's Revenge, 'CH' Jager's    MYESNR
507Woofie, ValBolton Kennels'    FYESNL
508Wooka, Hogues'    FYESNL
509Wooly Bully, J Allen's    MYESNR
510Wooten Bishop, Dozier's    MYESNL
511Work Of Art, Headstrong    MYESN
512Working Overtime, (NR) Leyva's    FYESNR
513Workingline's Georgia Jolene, Gund's Bully's    FYESNL
514World of Chaos, End of Days'    MYESNL
515Worldclass Noree, (NR)    MYESNR
516Worm, (NR) Sugarcane's    MYESNR
518Wotan, Sieger Jeneck's    MYESNR
519Wotuk Bruno, Gabriel's    MYESN
520Wow Bow 4 Fun, Southern Accent's    MYESN
521Wralock Cortez, CRK's    MYESNR
523Wrangler, (NR) Johnson & Reno's    MYESNR
524Wrath, Black Shuck Bully's    FYESNL
525Wrath Of Sierra, BNB Natures    FYESNR
526Wrath Of Warlord, 'GRCH' Northwoods    MYESN
527Wreaking Havoc, 'PR' Pro-Bull's    MYESN
528Wrecker, McKenna's    MYESNR
529Wrecker, Neighbors'    MYESN
530Wrigley, Gygi's    MYESNL
531Wriley, High Desert Blue PitBull's    FYESNR
532Wringer, Salem's    FYESNR
533Wrinkles, (NR) Crosthwaite's   FYESYESR
534Wrinkles, (NR) Needham's    FYESNR
535Wrinkles, (NR) Robert's    FYESN
536Wrinkles Rock, Gemrock's    MYESNL
537Wrocco Blu, Musa's    MYESNL
538Wrongway, Hill's    MYESN
539Wu-Tang, Thomas'    MYESN
541WV Stella Rosa, Eminent Bullies    FYESN
542Wyatt, Becca's    MYESNR
543Wyatt Earp, Bean's    MYESNL
544Wyatti, Patrick's    FYESN
545Wyett, (NR) Morehouse's    MYESNR
546Wylie Girl, (NR) Wildside's    FYESNR
547Wynchester, (NR) Miller's    MYESNR
548Wyne, Poullard's    FYESNL
550Wynter, Playboys Pups'    FYESNL
551Wynter, V Royal's    FYESNR
Total Names : 551