American Bully Association
Single Dog Registration

If this is an ABA pre-registered litter puppy and you have a certificate from the breeder DO NOT USE THIS FORM.
The form you should use is on the back of the puppy's birth certificate provided by the breeder.

If you also have a dog litter to register use one of these forms instead:
Family (mom, dad, and litter)
Litter + 1 Parent
Dog litter related material is handled with priority.
Owner Information (please do not use autofill)

Don't forget to include the lot number, lot, etc., if necessary.

Please use abbreviations for USA states (example: Ohio is OH)

This will be our primary contact method for you.

Please make sure this is your COMPLETE phone number including any area/country code.

Please provide your address exactly as it should appear on the material that will be mailed to you.